i been bad..sorry

There were so many things that were going through my head that I wanted to say. But sometimes, time and other times the words would run away from me. And nothing got said on this blog. A lot happened since I last posted. None of it life changing, not even mine, yet things kept happening consistently.

First I tunred 27, which by itself was a biggish deal. I mean seriously, it hit me harder than 25, now I am bonafidely closer to 30 than 20. Ouch. and still in school, still single, yep yep. still the same old.

The next more momentous event was the half marathon. The week before it I got the flu. I tell ya, it was touch and go. Will I or wont I run? But run I did. I was tired, my lungs hated me that day and the next day. But it was an amazing experience. I did stop and walk sometimes but did run most of it. To say that I got emotional at the end would be somewhat of a lie. I tend to forget where I started. I didnt think about the fact that this was the same girl who couldnt run 400 mts at school every morning. WHo always came last ( I didnt come last at the HM, thankfully) and who is still not skinny. I didnt think of all that, but I did appreciate how strong my body is to be able to carry me up all those hills and appreciated its ability to change so much.  To take all the abuse and not wear out and instead become stronger. Thank you body, for bearing with the mind and its fickle nature. I was rather happy when i met my friend at the finish line, she was excited, I was excited to be done and that was amazing! The mocha with whipped cream was awesome afterwards too and so was the yummilicious desi food. We also got haircuts which was a strange post HM thing to do..but that was what we felt like.

The next few days were pretty painful, my lungs hated me, my legs hated me and I loved the reminder of the pain.Yet, I dont think it was a singular achievement, It was great, it was fun to do, a new way to push myself, yet not something extraordinary..

The next thing of note was mom’s visit. It went by too fast and we didnt even have one single significant fight..How disappointing (not). She and I ate a lot, wandered around New Orleans and Manhappenin a lot and also read a lot, much vacation was had by all. She actually slept every night! I got to eat yumilious mommy food and show her all my favorite places around manhattan and some new places as well. It was great.

These are the things I have been up to. I do plan to post (As usual). I do have somet things to talk about, so more on that later!