and back (briefly)

Its been crazy, so I wont even say anything. There are fleeting thoughts that pass through my mind and I think about blogging but I dont, because they are fleeting and other weighty matters shoo them away and this blog remains ignored until a thought becomes stronger and manages to brush away some of the cobwebs around here.

I have been running a whole lot lately, prepping for the half marathon coming up. Recently, I was hanging out with my new boss at work, and we were talking about ability. He suddenly asked me what I was good at. For a bit, I was lost, what an I good at? The first thing that came to mind was dance. I used to be a good dancer, now I am not so sure. WHat else am I good at? At running? not really, too slow for that. What else is easy for me? I still draw a blank when I think about the answer to that question,

Then it occured to me…how often do we reinforce other people’s being good at something? We definately criticize when we  think someone isn’t right. But how often do we tell them that they rock at something? How many times in the past few days have you told someone that they are really really good at something. If you do so, you may be surprised to find that they are surprised you thought it was good.

Most times when people say I was good at something, I am surprised. In my past my family were the only people who thought I was good. Its only because they thought so that I do something now. And I think we all learn to look so uber-confident, that noone guesses we are uncertain of our ability to do something. And just telling them that they did a great job or that you really enjoyed their presentation makes someone feel a little bit surer of themselves, gives them a little confidence the next time they set out to do that thing again. and maybe they think of things to say when someone asks them about what they do well. Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you. And sometimes you just need to be the teller to carry around that lovely glow from the telling. So go on, tell someone specifically what they are good at..and tell me all about it!


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  1. excellent!…. Its great to appreciate people, when they are trying their best……honestly I think you are very good dancer, writer and speaker… 🙂 ofcourse and a good friend too…cheers

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