Many Apologies

I have missing for far too long. Life has a way of taking over and wringing it out of me. Leaving me mostly wordless.  Much talking, persuading has been done in the past month to no avail. Que sera sera it is folks! In other news, much dancing and not much research has been done. I am in the grip of a dissertation slump, post prelims.

I have neglected this blog, yet right now I have nothing to say. I however, plan to share with you some interesting comparisons between dance and research.

So I dance, and I also (although unwillingly) do research. Recently I won 3rd prize in a research forum, which got me 75$ gift card. Then I danced (as a group) for an event on 50$ gift card for that.makes me think..maybe should just dance again? But then again, look wistfully at research, it has its fun points you know, the high of running data, figuring out a design etc, is always fun! And again, dance well takes work too, to make sure you forget nothing and everything goes as planned.  Choreography is a lot like designing an experiment, takes forever and there are so many things to consider. As an aside..unless you dance on a song you never know how mny times they repeat the same damn thing…very frustrating that!

Research or dance..cannot choose, love both, also love being a trainer and kicking ass. Do you have to choose one? Does the desire to move my body have to take a backseat over the desire to exercise my mind? Do I have to leave any one behind? Can we not gather everything we like to do and keep doing them forever? Will I grow old and fondly think about my days of dance and laugh at my desire to dance? or wistfully think about it? In an alternate reality, will I grow old and wonder what cool research I could have done, and or made pots of money while helping organizations grow. Not that I am a professional dancer, or a brilliant researcher. I just like doing both to the best of my capabilities. 

The main point I think, is doing the best possible. Everything requires much hard work, that’s why sometimes hobbies become full time and jobs a way of life. To be the best you have to pour everything you got into it. To enjoy something , does not mean I am willing to devote hours into it, forever and forever. Play does become work sometimes, and work should be play. Enjoy what you do and you will do well. Too many paths untravelled, must remain unknown, the desires however remain, hazaaron kwaishein aisi!