the problem with friendships

Dont get me wrong, I lorve my friends. They are very important to me. Especially living so far away from family, I dont know how I would survive without the glue of friendship to hold me together.

Wat I do have a problem with, though, is mixed signals. This is specially relevant in the case of Indians.  They are friends with someone and they also feel they can be something more. Yet they hide under this banner of friendship. I understand perfectly if you fall for a friend. That has been known to happen. I dont like the whole idea of becoming friends for the express purpose of dating someone and then never admitting to it untill its too late. Or admitting it only to completely startle someone who realy didnt think you as more than a friend. And then make a complete mess of things by either party not understanding what is going on. So to my mind then there is always this suspicion..are we friends? are we something more? Ofcourse, there is the added pipqauncy of starting off wanting more and then backing off because I growl too much and saying but we are just friends.

Just friends, thats another one. Pretending to be friends for the public when you clearly are something more. Walking around together with hands in each others’ pockets..and then saying..oh we are just friends. If you care for someone be (wo)man enough to say it out loud, dont demean your relationship by hiding it. I understand that you may not want to say anything at all, thats ok, dont say anything. Just don’t be friends.

Here’s my request…like someone? tell them. Dont like someone who likes you…hold out the olive branch of friendship only if you will stick to it, not let it go in the middle of the process. Seeing someone? say it out loud or keep your mouth shut. Dont call it friendship. and definately never never say…kya aap mujhse dosti karengi? because that my friend is the ultimate mixed signal!

disclaimer: nothing has happened to me to generate this post. It comes from my rambling mind. And no I did not watch “kya aap mujh se dosti karengi” and i refuse no no.



  1. Haha…you do know that if this does come into effect, it will shatter Indian cinema as we know it 😛
    FYI I am back … and I hate the cold 😦

  2. agree with both of you. i feel like slapping people when i see this happen and all the crap hindi cinema i have subjected myself to over the last few weeks only makes me feel even more strongly about this. pull the MTV-one-tight-slap trick on all such morons i say!

    p.s. i think my new years resolution should be anger management :s

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