last one for the year..i think!


I have been MIA as usual..well what to say, its been busy with studying for the lims, and the whole panic and losing o man..its been quite nuts! Currently am sort of lounging around..not wanting to study..hence the blogging.

So today, PU(2)..there is a reason for the two..she knows it 😀 . Posted a list of things a girl wants/should have and I was sort of a contribbutor to can look at it here. Some things are personal to me, so I wil elaborate here.

1. Shoes: If you know me, need I say more? IS there anything more awesome than a sexy pair of shoes? It would be nice if I could find comfortable ones, but that I think is a privelege for those with either wide all over or skinny all over feet. Mine are too broad in the front and narrow in the heel to fit anything very very well. Plus they are an american size 51/2 and desi, 4. Sucks to see them and never wear em..good for the wallet though!

2. Perfume: PU mentioned it..I love the musky ones. Am not floral. I dont look floral, I dont do florals. I am forever confused by the signature perfume thingy versus switching around. Since not too many call my name..its mostly signature smell by default!

3. RED: anything red…I love red, be it shoes, shirts, in my glasses…there is a hint of red. Me likey a splash of color. Anything benefits with a splash of color, my choice is usually red.

4. Sexy earrings, rings, necklaces: hot jwellery always!

5. Jeans that fit: when I find one, I will let you know.

Things aside, some essentials every woman needs:

1. Self confidence: to believe in herself and put herself out there…go babe go!

2. self esteem: to take over the world..( I can get technical here with self efficacy..but esteem will suffice)

3. self respect: to know that decisions are right for herself and owned by her and no one else. Everything you do, do it so that you can respect yourself. Dont do it if it doesnt fit with who you believe yourself to be.

4. Positive self image. I can’t say I am walking the talk here, I love me. I always did, inspite of people constantly telling me I was fat. Well I was, I lost it. So now I am mostly ok by american standards but not by Indian standards..which means Americans think I look good and Indians..still fat. Therefore I veer between feeling good and feeling anxious. But mostly good..Umm I can do pushups you know and pullups (on a good day) many skinny Indian girls can do those?

5. Courage to be yourself: to not fit into boxes defined for you by society, to be the androgynous person you are, or the totally girly airhead or even the secretly bicep-flexing brawn babe. Can we be ourselves..specially if you are Indian without having to confim too much? Still hold on to the core?

That was my spiel. As for the year past recap..maybe next week? If I can think of what I did this year! Till then..whats your essentials?


searching searching

Hello folks..the search is on. For a lot of things, a new boy, answer to the eternal prelims question..what can they ask me from all of this unadultrated mess of the past five years, the search thorugh my brain for the research papers that I supposedly read,oh that is my handwriting, oh look there’s a doodle..I guess I did read it sometime ago..strange..very strange. Also the search is on for time, to squeeze it out and stretch it out to fit all that needs to be done, but mainly the search has been on for the phone. I elaborate.

They say that when one is stressed out, one begins to have memory issues. I second that..D.R. soon to be phd..agrees. Yesterday I spent a grand total of 3 hours looking for my phone. This is not an isolated incident, it was 3 seperate occasions spread across the day, office and my messy messy room. So i started with the briliant knowledge that my phone is somehwere in my bag and went to work. At work, phone..whoopsies. Expecting important call therefore, home again and look for phone..not found, car..nope. Back to office.ahh phone in bag under piles of grading. I blame the grading.

TIme 2, in room, chatting, sudden thought..where is phone? Start looking and look around house, even in aforementioned, now empty bag, no phone. In desperation lift laptop to smack self on head, to find phone under lappy..well sort of under it and nope right under my nose really.

Time 3, late night, just about to sleep, need to set alarm for godforsaken time. Again the search begins. Zipping back in time, room has been cleaned..sick of jumping over piles of abandoned mostly read but unrecalled research papers and scarred by falling piles of clothes from the closet. I cleaned the room. This is relevant. I also refolded clothes and stacked them. And apparantly the phone is wearable coz I stacked it in the middle of some T’s. Took an hour to find exact location, half of roomie’s cell phone battery and most of my much needed sleep.

And today, a new search for the nike plus thingy that fits into the pod. No luck, finally went running without it. Came back and got dressed for presentation and looked for phone AGAIN. didnt find it, it was on the kitchen table therefore invisible to mortals. But did find the nike plus thingajiimy in the much maligned bag. People it aint that bad really…but ..ugh wheres the phone AGAIN?

ah i should go look..bye!