home is where you make coffee

I was reading one of my favorite food blogs David lebovitz, who as a way of explaination, is an American in Paris. In his latest blog he talked about how he gets confused as to what to say when he is asked, where he is from. It got me thinking, where am I from? I am from Indore, India, which is where I identify with. However, I did study in Pune, so a part of me associates with Pune and then finally, I ended up  here, in Kansas, the MP of US. A large chunk of me assoicates with that as well. So many things that make me are indori, puneri and Kansan. So when asked by Indians, where I am from, the answer is usually indore, which doesnt really answer their question..which really was…what are you? marathi, punjabi, gujrati, sindhi.. etc etc..unfortuantely I cannot help them there..a marashtrian mom and a punjabi dad makes me a mogerel, who have no identifiers. I only know I speak hindi and english.

When asked by Americans, I generally say India, if they profess to know India they usually ask where in India and I vaguely say central india and usually proceed to inform them (sadly) of a lack of elephant riding rajas. BUT wait..I have a trick…the American answer above is valid when I am in Kansas. When not in Kansas, the default answer becomes Kansas..which usually confuses the heck out of people. A brown Kansan with an accent..well I live in Kansas..dont I? I pay bloody taxes in Kansas..therefore Kansan I am and it also saves a lot of the tedious elephant talk.

More sentily though…where is Home? Home is, like, David rightly said, is where you make coffee. I make coffee wherever I go, be it Kansas, San Frisco, Mumbai, indore or even Pune. ( an addiction seems to be the problem there) but yes I carry home wherever I go, but more and more the idea of having a home is shifting, I truly have a “maika” indore, but home finally is Kansas, where I am , just me. What is home to you?


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  1. hmmm…..very good question…..when I came to Manhattan, I felt my home was the one in Pune, where I lived all my life…then when I moved to Kansas City for my internship, I realized I miss my home in Manhattan and my roomies so much….I don’t know if I felt home sick for my home in India or Manhattan……and now that I am back in Manhattan, safe and secure with my familiar group of friends and best friends….I ask myself, do I really miss my home in Pune…..I do miss my family, relatives and best friends back in India….but then why am I not that excited about going back in December??….maybe the psychology student could give me some idea….

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