this is one of those “billion thoughts in my head-none-of-which-make a whole post” post. 

Work is crazy as ever, i have too much to juggle this semester, which is making moi slightly hyper, less interested in work, very sleepy, very into working out and very into blogging too. So a couple of random things going through my head:

1. When I came to this department of psychology 4 years ago, and even before that when i communicated with my advisor, I addressed him as “dear sir” for the first time. The second time, he protested and therefore I softened it to Dr. F, now daily communication is rather hard with Dr F. being a bit too tedious, So it became.hi..followed by the communication of interest to (hopefully) both parties. Yesterday it became “c.” His first name, I read the email, clicked sent and then realized I addressed him by his first name! gulp…it was weird and very very amru..ah well..its been 4 years! c., it is.

2. I am finally back to work out mode. Total workout mode, running, spinning, lifting etc etc. I am also getting up early in the morning, a sign of my approaching old age? Research shows that as we get older we tend to become morning people..or maybe its just that working out is the only thing that relaxes me completely. No prelim thoughts, barely any boy thoughts, only me and what I can achieve.

3. Talking of the boy, I recently saw pyaar ke side effect again, the last time I saw it, I thought of it as a cute movie, I was single then. Now in a relationship, I can see all of this bieng so true. The committment-phobia, the totally tentative start of a relationship and what it takes for a person to realize that this is the person they care about. And how complicated relationships are. I can totally see me and the boy in a similar situation.

4. I brought this totally cute clock, its got paperclips as the indicators and some very cute family and relationship pictures are going up there as soon as I get them printed..procrastination rules!

5. My room is  an utter mess and I truly dont have energy to clean it. The kitchen, however was sparkling clean last sunday, because its one thing I cannot stand dirty.

6. sorry, that is the last thing outta my head..more later..work continues, so will the posts!



  1. The relation between age and morning-person-ness is so true. I get up at 4 and I’m in total zen state.

  2. @ deppe: you know i wish there was a way to calculate how old one is using time of awakening..by that you would be very very old!

  3. i guess i can tell myself i’m not old yet. i don’t think i’ll ever be a morning person….and if you protest because of the time stamp–it’s because i haven’t been to bed yet. nyahaha

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