what am i doin?

hello, questions are bieng asked about my whereabouts..vide the last post. I am vegetating at home in india and am loving it. I really wanted and needed this break. And now I have it….what can be better? Nothing really. So what have I been doing at home..nothing really..just enjoying the heat (that was sarcastic) and working out a couple of hours a day..to kill time and also because am an addict. Baking, which fails spectacularly every time thanks to the weird oven issues I end up having…not fun. Seriously, everytime I cook for ma, it goes wrong…i tried making pasta and the stupid tomatoes would convert into sauce..we had tamatar sabzi instead.

Other than that.. I am enjoying driving on the left side of the road and utilizing the horn..whoa! traffic is crazier than ever and i have two choices..drive or stay home. Knowing that I can’t do that I drive and havent got myself into trouble YET.  From tomorrow I start dancing again, my dance teacher is holding a wokshop and so I get to brush up my dance skills and learn some new things and hopefully help with some compositions. However to do that I have to drive through jail road every morning!!! Purva and BF does that ring any bells? An accent on jail road..ugh.. So no trouble yet, but pray for me people!

Traffic is worse not just because half the roads are dug up but also because red lights are seen as mere suggestions to stop, to be lightly tossed aside as one zooms, weaving through the throngs, making eac htraffic light a hazardous experience for poor me..four way stop friendly person.

Apart from the traffic..which I secretly enjoy swearing at behind the closed windows of the car. I havent really been doing much. I did visist my school. The good part is that it hasnt changed even that much..the scary part is that next year should be my tenth reunion..yeah i have been outta school that long, te sad patr is that all i felt wass a sense of relief that I am no longer in school, that I am no longer the weirdo of the class, or the person who got into the most trouble or even the person who always knew the most dirty words. I feel relief that no one can again tell me how completely worthless I am. I hate that i hated school. People remmeber it as the best part of the their lives, when i got out of school, life could only have gotten better and it did! Pune was gorgeous, GACC was a learning experiene..KState has been amazing as well…and I know things will ontinue in this vien just dont make me go back to school!

I have been eating tons! Mangoes..yum yum..ghamandi lassi…even gilki and tons of heavy restaraunt food..which has been a bit much.

I have also been spending tons of time on the phone and in person with a certain someone..lets call him G. and lets just say I am a tad confused as to where we are headed, but it is nice for the time being. TMI? I will stop mooning pronto.

The weihgt loss has been appreciated by one and all..unfortunately. it is not enough to earn the respect of skinny salesgirls, it aint gonna happen, suck it up d.! Talking about salesgirls..they make me nervous..specially when they hover over you as if you are going to grab the closest synthetic scarf and run with it. It makes you wonder if deep down it was what you intended. And then they tell you that this wont fit and try to lead you gently away..while you look back forlonly at the only thing that seemed remotely wearable and  you were quite sure it would have fitted you damn it! So clothes shopping is a bane..whats new?

Thats what I have been up to..that and lazing..which i am sure I dont need to describe..People associate the song “kagaz ki kashti” with their childhood..for me its the song “fursat ke raat din” which spells summer for me! enjoy yours and tell me if had any fursat ke raat din.