back!..from San Francisco

hello world, am back!

Things are a little better…so I can blog. I was off in SF for a conference and am back now. I will now detail all the things I thought about when I was there, ahem, in my favorite form of bullets.

1. I love big cities and somehow San Francisco feels like home. I feel comfortable there, like I kind of fit in. Heck, people even asked me for directions and I gave em 😀 ..ahem..hopefully they are no longer lost by now.. I like the feel of the city, its laidback attitude is such a contrast to NY which I love as much!  I walked around and explored..did tons of window shopping and some actual shopping. It was good.

2. More than the city I loved the food! I loved going to new places, specially different types of cusines. It is so much fun to eat thai, even indian, and italian etc. I would just walk around and eat whatever took my fancy. This place called “chocolate and crepes” was yumm, they had all sorts of galettes and crepes and handmade chocolate goodies. Yes I did eat much more than needed but it was all gooood.

3. I still tend to pig out without my regulated regime, but I do make an effort to eat only till full and these days my tummy has gotten woefully small and one desi meal had me full forever!

4. I stayed at a youth hostel, which was a great experience. I liked it and will do it again

5. The conference! The main part! It was great…i enjoyed meeting people and making some connections, I enjoyed the presentations. I felt like I learnt a lot which is always good and slighty unusual!

6. The shoes..I brough heels..they rock and my feet hurt so much that I winced looking at other people wearing heels!

7. I like the way I am looking right now..I like the way people look at me, I like bieng hit on and I like feeling good about all of it. I also find it unsettling because this is the thinnest I have been since 11th grade or its strange..but liketh!

8. not related to SF..a girl became the biggest loser..yay! woman power…we rock 😀

9. pictures of the trip in a few days including the shoes 😉