food declaration

Hello Blog World..hows it goin? I have been busy and will continue to be busy for a few more weeks..bear/beer with me!

Other than that.. I just thought I’d tell you about my recent food adventures and other random thoughts. I recently had spring break..which was quite un-springy due to lack of exciting activities. I did, however, get some work it was good for that specific reason. Its crunch time in D world. Now on to food. I have been off bakin and cooking for a while now…frankly I need a congenial atmosphere and people to cook for, so I am hoarding all my recipes to cook when I go home and when I go visit some family…which is on the charts! 

I cannot bake for just myself..I need occasions to celebrate, people to feed and ofcourse people means I dont end up eating all of it! I am planning something new..lets see how it goes :D. During break I did bake up a broccoli cornbread from C&Z and also tried asparagus for the first time! Asparagus was good…very nice snack..light and crunchy and overall good. Not something I would be like wow this is my favorite vegetable, but on the whole quite nice! The broccoli cornbread however wasn’t that amazing. So we will leave it at that.

I want a good cupcake, some greek food and lots of gelato, which I will indulge in, in SFO! Yay! I think I read too many food blogs..I sometimes wonder if I should switch to the Baking school and get a degree in baking instead. And be a personal trainer who bakes…how oxymoron-ish is that?

I am also dying to try a mini muffin recipe…coming up soon! I will try and then I will img_1741.jpgtell! Yes I do bite and tell 😀

Other than eating I havent done anything momentous for a while muffin a callingnow..I really should get a life. As soon as I do, I will be back! BTW that will not be untill the SFO visit, so dont hold yer horses! I leave you with some pics from recent cooking adventures…ohh I just remembered…I just got a plant too..its sweet!



  1. SF!!! I guarantee you cupcakes! And if you want, some bagels too.

  2. Wait!! you cooked those !!!! Awesome awesome
    Man …. I am sick of cooking already 😛 and it hasn’t even been a month since I started cooking here 😛

  3. OMG!! you crossed over to the dark side (or is it really??). You are a nice indian girl who cooks lovly food :p
    My cooking ventures are limited to trying to flip fries out of the kadhai and hoping they fall somewhere in the 2 feet circle around the kadhai that i have lined with newspaper. lets just leave it at that.
    Have fun in SFO and post pictures when you get back 🙂

  4. baking?!?

    I am a dud 😦

    come to india soon and feed me 😀

  5. i am a personal trainer who does not bake. but it is only because i cant.

    people bring us a lot of stuff though. its either because clients secretly want to make us gain weight, or just dont want it in their house so they give it to someone that they think will enjoy them properly.

    either way, i get cookies.

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