Another tag!

Its not just that I love tags, but Chandni’s tags are always so relevant..So here for the grace of god, go I:

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now.

– Boy, are you hot or what

– Can we get this done right now?

-Can we stop going around in circles

-I completely and totally believe in you and I know you will do what it takes

-trust me

– I hope you dance

-What a bitch, never seen one like you and I hope I never have to

-Passive agressiveness isnt going to get you anywhere

-I miss you however much I say I don’t

– ohh remember something some of the times, will ya?

Nine things about yourself:

– I am quite demented at times with quite bizzare mood swings

– Same to same as Chandu: I forgive but dont forget, dont mess with me again, because it adds up till I can’t forgive any more. (the last part is just me)

– I hate fighting

– I luurve food

– I can’t stand not knowing….I have no patience for things out of my control.

– I find it incredibly hard to share minor parts of my day and exceptionally easy to share all the big news!

– I am super protective of my friends and family, specially mom who is a babe who needs to be taken care of (also 6 inches taller than me and probably fitter..but I said I was protective)

– I am not fond of movies, I like them, but they are not my choice of entertainment

– I love dogs and cats and still miss my dog a lot!

Eight ways to win my heart:

– smile..a lot

– get my jokes and laugh

-have a variety of interests!

– treat me like a delicate flower..but only once in a while

-trust me

-listen to me but also tell me to stop whining

-cook well and enjoy doing it and feeding me!

-enjoy books and music ..anything, not just what I like

Seven things that cross your mind quite often:

– when will this nightmare end

– why am I doing this to my self (Applies to PhD and spinning both)

– hey, now that makes sense

– have i forgotten something

– what’s for dinner

– Whoops, did I really say that

– he’s cute..but naaaaah.

Six things you wish you never did:

– taken back all my books from her

– cutting ties to her

– introduce myself to him

– moved against my intuition

-become dependent on other people for solutions

– flaunt my superior understanding of things.

Five turnoffs:

– spitting

-body odor



– lies that trip over themselves

Four turn ons

– crisp white button down shirts

– a hard workout and hot shower

– Passion for life and fun

-Intelligence and wit

Three things you want to do before you die:

-learn to tell lies real good whoppers!

– write a book

– have reams of entries when I google my own name…umm you dont do that??

Two smiley’s that describe you:



One confession:

mmm.. I had a huge crush on a super gross guy in like 8th or 9th. If my classmates from school find out I am dead..very few people know who PD is 😉 



  1. I know who PD is :p I know! I know! I know!!!!

  2. yes yes…crisp white shits are a turn on for me too!!!!

    This is a fun tag no??

  3. who is PD?
    what is MCP? 😀
    somehow the things you said above match a lot to someone who took the same tag on some other blog…

  4. OMG..i know the PD story..just can’t remember who it is tho. You have just made me cry 😦 and yes my nose still becomes red. I’ll come back soon and do parts of this tag in your comments section if thats ok 🙂 a lot of it is just ditto 🙂

  5. @ purva…shhhhh, no telling pupu!
    @ chandu…very phun tag babe!
    @ burf: really? Who is it similar to? MCP is a male chauvanistic pig 😀
    @ bf: definately babe, i’ll be waiting for that comment!

  6. Here goes..

    2 Smileys – 😀 😉
    Things you wish you never did –
    – broken all ties with her
    – not having fought for her with him
    – not telling her how much she still means to me
    – dated the 2 psychos
    Things that cross your mind often –
    – Did I do the right thing?
    – What am I doing here?
    – Oh boy, wish i could just erase those years from my memory
    – Just fire me instead!
    – How did I ever get that fat?
    – What if…
    About yourself
    – Quiet crazy
    – Have conversations with people in my head all the time
    – Love talking
    Things you wish you could say to people –
    – sorry
    – what the F!@#

  7. @bf: I know what you mean…btw I dated the psycho along with you!
    and how can you not remember PD? you and maa teased me so much!

  8. Hey, it is my birthright to squeal! After all from my ear to my mouth! And waise bhi, hum nahi sudhrenge.

  9. i do..i do!! blame it on my awful memory but i finally remembered who PD is. but seriosuly..PD??! 😉
    i wish i could find a picture of him somewhere to prove my point :p
    ok..truce..i don’t want you naming all the idiots i had a crush on 😀

  10. I also know who PD is now 😀
    Tch Tch …. And you kept me away from such good goos all these years!!! Not good X-( I blame you for my my uneventful adolescence !!!!

  11. hey hey..thought you had some fiber and got over your blog constipation 😉 (umm ok lets not even start this chain!!)

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