food declaration

Hello Blog World..hows it goin? I have been busy and will continue to be busy for a few more weeks..bear/beer with me!

Other than that.. I just thought I’d tell you about my recent food adventures and other random thoughts. I recently had spring break..which was quite un-springy due to lack of exciting activities. I did, however, get some work it was good for that specific reason. Its crunch time in D world. Now on to food. I have been off bakin and cooking for a while now…frankly I need a congenial atmosphere and people to cook for, so I am hoarding all my recipes to cook when I go home and when I go visit some family…which is on the charts! 

I cannot bake for just myself..I need occasions to celebrate, people to feed and ofcourse people means I dont end up eating all of it! I am planning something new..lets see how it goes :D. During break I did bake up a broccoli cornbread from C&Z and also tried asparagus for the first time! Asparagus was good…very nice snack..light and crunchy and overall good. Not something I would be like wow this is my favorite vegetable, but on the whole quite nice! The broccoli cornbread however wasn’t that amazing. So we will leave it at that.

I want a good cupcake, some greek food and lots of gelato, which I will indulge in, in SFO! Yay! I think I read too many food blogs..I sometimes wonder if I should switch to the Baking school and get a degree in baking instead. And be a personal trainer who bakes…how oxymoron-ish is that?

I am also dying to try a mini muffin recipe…coming up soon! I will try and then I will img_1741.jpgtell! Yes I do bite and tell 😀

Other than eating I havent done anything momentous for a while muffin a callingnow..I really should get a life. As soon as I do, I will be back! BTW that will not be untill the SFO visit, so dont hold yer horses! I leave you with some pics from recent cooking adventures…ohh I just remembered…I just got a plant too..its sweet!


Another tag!

Its not just that I love tags, but Chandni’s tags are always so relevant..So here for the grace of god, go I:

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now.

– Boy, are you hot or what

– Can we get this done right now?

-Can we stop going around in circles

-I completely and totally believe in you and I know you will do what it takes

-trust me

– I hope you dance

-What a bitch, never seen one like you and I hope I never have to

-Passive agressiveness isnt going to get you anywhere

-I miss you however much I say I don’t

– ohh remember something some of the times, will ya?

Nine things about yourself:

– I am quite demented at times with quite bizzare mood swings

– Same to same as Chandu: I forgive but dont forget, dont mess with me again, because it adds up till I can’t forgive any more. (the last part is just me)

– I hate fighting

– I luurve food

– I can’t stand not knowing….I have no patience for things out of my control.

– I find it incredibly hard to share minor parts of my day and exceptionally easy to share all the big news!

– I am super protective of my friends and family, specially mom who is a babe who needs to be taken care of (also 6 inches taller than me and probably fitter..but I said I was protective)

– I am not fond of movies, I like them, but they are not my choice of entertainment

– I love dogs and cats and still miss my dog a lot!

Eight ways to win my heart:

– smile..a lot

– get my jokes and laugh

-have a variety of interests!

– treat me like a delicate flower..but only once in a while

-trust me

-listen to me but also tell me to stop whining

-cook well and enjoy doing it and feeding me!

-enjoy books and music ..anything, not just what I like

Seven things that cross your mind quite often:

– when will this nightmare end

– why am I doing this to my self (Applies to PhD and spinning both)

– hey, now that makes sense

– have i forgotten something

– what’s for dinner

– Whoops, did I really say that

– he’s cute..but naaaaah.

Six things you wish you never did:

– taken back all my books from her

– cutting ties to her

– introduce myself to him

– moved against my intuition

-become dependent on other people for solutions

– flaunt my superior understanding of things.

Five turnoffs:

– spitting

-body odor



– lies that trip over themselves

Four turn ons

– crisp white button down shirts

– a hard workout and hot shower

– Passion for life and fun

-Intelligence and wit

Three things you want to do before you die:

-learn to tell lies real good whoppers!

– write a book

– have reams of entries when I google my own name…umm you dont do that??

Two smiley’s that describe you:



One confession:

mmm.. I had a huge crush on a super gross guy in like 8th or 9th. If my classmates from school find out I am dead..very few people know who PD is 😉 

Whining and dining

My quite unexpected post, since it hasnt been that long since my last post! As usual lots of random things running through my head. Be forwarned I am in a bit of a whiny mood.  I want to dance seriously again. The pull of the music and the rhythm of Kathak becomes very strong in me sometimes. I really hope I can do some serious dancing when I go to India this summer. I dont think of myself as an excellent dancer, I think of myself as someone who could have been an ecellent professional dancer, had I not made the choice I made to do psychology instead of a BA in dance. I had considered it. I had thought of it as a career. Brain won over brawn and I decided to dance as a hobby instead. Now the taals and the bols grow faint. I dont remmeber a lot of what I used to know. I however do get pulled into dancing frequently for India nights and stuff and I do it gladly. Nobody usually pulls me, I get pulled all on its own. Fusion kathak is becoming something I really want to try my hand at! And I will, as soon as I can find someone who would know the other end that I want to fuse it with.

If you like fusion music atall, Shakti was a great band and I have their stuff and very often I end up dancing to it in the bedroom and I even workout to it. Its pretty amazing stuff. Jazz + Classical Indian( hindustani and karnatic).

Spring is on the way and my heart wants to sing and dance (however, people insist that I dont sing, and for their mental health i usually desist from it. The ex is sort of in the picture again and my heart and head are doing seperate dances. The head is doing the avoidance dance saying, he is an ass who is a commimentophobe and you dont need that crap. The heart, however, has it own rhythm and this tune is irresistable. Sigh, prooves yet again that I am a glutton for punishment. Talking of punishment, whenever I look around in the spinning class, gluttons for punishment is all I see, whooping because the Heart Rate is hitting max, a sign of normal behavior it is not.

My whining is about how long I have been here in the little apple. I am beginning to sound like a broken record an old vinyl one at that. I talk about people who noone remembers or knows. I remember concerts that these people never saw happen. I miss people and the heydays of our SABHA glory. I miss my roomies, who were amazing people with whom I shared much. We did fight and had our share of ughs but on the whole we rubbed along pretty well. Being an only child, I have had no experience of sharing clothes and jwellery and we did all that and played dress up before interviews and presentations. We loved it. Now they have been gone from manhattan for 2 years and i have a fierce longing for their company and some of our fun times, like breaking the couch (rather  raggedy one) because we were laughing too hard. You only know how amazing things were once they are gone.  Maybe things will get better but currently doesnt seem like it.

Basically I can blame it all on spring. It does something to me, something a little crazy and dangerous. All that sunshine and rain, make me want to be very very free and very very crazy, so if you are around me beware, anything can happen. Very apt: Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai…

Adios! More when the mood strikes.. Now that the medicine for blog consti has been had, I will post more regularly 😉