The morose valentine’s day post

The only reason I look forward to St. Valentine’s day of departure from this earth is so that I can write my morose valentine’s day post. Oh cmon,a perenially single woman like me is allowed this one whinny day? This is a perfect day for self pity and whining and indulging in chocolate…coz..sob..nobody is going to get me any and ofcourse think sadly of the ex. This has been the rule as of late.

However, this year I have not been able to muster that spirit of whini-ness…and yes I made that up! I have no yearning or longing for someone..and I find myself asking myself…really? you mean really? Test myself with senarios such as..imagine, noone to bring you a gift and take you out for twinge of longing, noone who knows your penchant for dark chocolate…hmm..just pops some into own mouth…no twinge yet again. Scary, that. Not the dark chocolate but the crazy lack of men and the me wannnnnaaa! There is no desire for dinner out either, no green flashes when friends got flowers and I was in consultation with the male of the pair for appropriate gifts. I couldnt care less. Ofcourse I do care about the gifts, but I dont care about their lack to me. Maybe I am sick, something is seriously wrong. Or maybe, just maybe I am growing up as far as these things are concerned?

As more and more friends get into relationships, I find myself happy in my groove. Specially when friends cannot make it to the gym because partner isnt totally into it! umm..noone can take my gym away from me! I admit it would be nice to share stuff with someone etc and have that special thing going and the other side benefits of relationships..however nothing happens in my life anyways and it is fun to do things alone. I usually go to concerts alone because I cannot stand people who dont enjoy it and then dont let you enjoy it either by it over yet etc… Earlier I used to think maybe people are pitying me because i’m probably th e only person there alone. This year I find myself thinking about that lesser and lesser, sometimes I couldnt care less. If I want someone to see something with me, I bloody well invite them! I reserve spinning classes for friends because I like to see friends in that class. I make plans for movies because I want to spend time with that person! I stay home and work on the thesis because that is what I want to do. I am having fun! so sorry …but this St. Valentine’s Day isnt really morose, it is more about self love. I love me to bits…and that’s all that matters to me.

On another tack, I have been off food for a bit..I am eating but it isnt an obsessive desire to eat, maybe I am eating a good balanced diet so my system doesnt feel deprived anymore so no more cravings?

Talking of body and working out..I went swimming after a very long time and by golly am I sore! My neck hurts..I never learnt to swim properly with head under water, bosom friend…I dont remember..did you swim that way? If you didnt..did you ever figure it out? I swear I will nail it this summer! Rest of workout is all good

I will be making besan ke ladoo day after tomorrow and I am looking forward to it, one of the reasons is that besam ladoo remind me of my naani, she is the expert in the family, mom isnt into food (therefore is skinny and rather irritating in her refusal to rhapsody about food and her insistence that I am obsessed). So besan ladoo is my favorite mithai and just making it, the smell of besan brings back the old kitchen in watkhed, the afternoon quiet and me and aai(naani) sitting and chatting and making ladoos. Isnt it funny how we miss these things?considering that whenever me and aai are together we spend most of our time fighting. SHe is a super pushy and super accomplished woman who is wayyy better at maths and engineering than anyone I know! She is a housewife who could put back a scooter together when her teenage son took it apart for a lark and didnt know what to do! So here’s to aai and besan ladoo.. sorry to make you hungry, want some? then come and get it!



  1. Yes yes, I do remember swimming and how the first time I saw you at the pool you nearly drowned me (or was it the other way round??) 😀 Neither of us swam with our head under the water. We also got pushed around and kicked by a lot of fat auntyjis – maybe that is why I can remember almost drowning 😉

    I try now but I suck at it. I can do bits of it and feel very proud only to have lil young ones swimming like olymic champions and pushing me out of the way. I use this as an excuse to not swim as often as I once liked to. Also, swimming was fun with friends. Do you remember PG jumping into the pool with her glasses on? Still cracks me up 😀 I miss those long fun summer afternoons…

    Haven’t been working out as much as I would like to either. And this is just because I am lazy and use the I-need-to-finish-this-book excuse. But I now actually like working out. It has taken a decade but I think i am finally getting there…

    The only Val day i can remember is the one that you and I spent together, I was single (yes there was actually one year when i wasn’t going out with some loser or the other), maybe I had just started uni. but we had so much fun!! You me and the genius brother (who by the way tells me that my comments on your blog are way way too long!!)Since then it has never been a big deal..or anything for that matter..

    I am glad you had a fun day tho and wish I was there to eat the yummy laddoos :p

  2. Shame on you for letting the world know that you are having besan ke ladoo X-( Its been less than a week and i have already gone through all the grub from home 😦 i miss the ladoo 😦

  3. I am not in to laddoos so its cool, have ur fill 🙂

  4. @ bf: hehe..G. was funny and no, it was me who almost drowned because G. dove on top of back still hurts when I think of it! BTW genious brother did it to you once too..remember he was a kid then and could go with us?
    @ mo: awww puppy…would it help to know that they turned out super yummy :D..(evil laugh)
    @ chandu: dang you not jealous…not good…hmm..will think of something else more tempting!

  5. have tagged you!

    as usual, i am ur saviour from blog constipation!

    ( I made up that phrase right now!)

  6. Loved this post….honest and funny….even reading about besan ke laddu brougt water in my mouth…:)

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