To anything..we just need a toast!

Sorry for the delay in posting as usual! Things got busy-ish. Then I got sick. Been sick for the past week. Had the flu. SInce I havent had the flu so bad for such a long time, this was double bad! On Monday it was just fever, by tuesday my nose ran away and by wednesday I no longer had a voice. Soo I did not teach on wednesday, and now as a teacher I know how much a cancelled class sucks! Oh, yeah am teaching now, its kind of fun, my students arent super bad or over smart as well. They are nice people so it going well so far…I’ve been told to wait for the first exam before passing judgement on niceness.

Funny today, I have been thinking about certain things for a while now. I have been wanting to write about them for a while too. About friends and friend-ships and lau-ships and sheeps that sail away in the night. Oh well, back to the topic. Friendship for me truly has been a boat that sailed away in the night. Barely ever do I find someone I really gel with, I guess I am picky, I guess I am also looking in the wrong place most of the time. However, what friends I have, I tend to keep. However, politics has forever been my nightmare. I  didnt get it when I was in CHRC. I dont get it now. I dont get how people decide which side of the fence they wanna hang, its usually never my side. I end up sitting up there on that fence wondering which side to drop on and ultimately both sides hate me. I dont get group dynamics, I dont get close friendships either.  I dont get how people can decide who is right or wrong without looking at themselves first. Its not just them but me as well. I am also not a good fighter, when faced with illogical arguments, I lose my eloquence and usually stare at people gobsmacked and am rarely able to articulate my thoughts. So, where does that leave me? On the wrong side of the fence, staring at the walls of my room (which are rather tastefully decorated). That is fine with me, because I am coming to terms with who I am, a loner, who cant deal with politics, so better to stay out of it. A person who keeps their mouth shut is looking more and more attractive, however, have you ever known me to keep my mouth shut…like ever?

Changing tack, I still remember my mom asking me to keep quiet for 5 minutes and me bieng unable to do it, rest assured mom, I am getting plenty of practice now.

Talking about cat fights, arent blogs the pettiest place to pick fights? One of the blogs I  read is getting random petty comments out of the middle of nowhere, with people critisizing everything as to how OCD she is to, how self absorbed she is. I wouldnt have ever thought of all this if I hadnt read the comments. Arent blogs your part of the world? Where you write things as you see them ? Your corner where people are not to intrude? Yet they do, they definately do. And I am not going to fuel this by telling you which blog it is. I got in trouble too…but I am always in trouble aint I?

As a last tack of the day, sorry, I am scrambled, I read a funny funny book. If you are in any way related to academia, went to grad school or even went to crazy department meetings, you must read this book. It is a satirical take on a department of English, its impending budget cut and a couple of geese. Its “The Straight Man” by Richard Russo.  Funny, funny, highly recommended.

Will post soon..I promise…my morose valentine’s day post is soon to come. I also plan to post some food and pet stay tuned!



  1. excellent post as usual.. and i know about the fighting thing.. some of the arguments people come up with! am looking forward to the morose valentines day post… somehow feels good to know other people are going to be as sad as i am 🙂 cheers and keep writing.. i always look forward to yer posts

  2. thank god u posted!

    Now quickly send me an email with link to the blog. If there is a blog fight, I want to be party to it 😀

  3. @ ARJ: I will be happy to morose val. day post coming up, in the meanwhile feel free to browse my earlier morose val days!
    @chandni: ahh..finally someone who unabashedly luurves this! the site is and its a food blog!

  4. looking forward to the morose val day post. I just canceled my own plans for a morose val day post.

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