Gang of eight

I have been accused! wrongly accused of having blog constipation. I eat a diet of healthy fruit and veggies. I have no constipation! However, since I have been accused and then given some medicine to cure this so called malady….

I have been tagged! Me loves tags ūüėÄ So thanku Chandni jee…so here goes the eights!

8 things I am passionate about:

1. Food: Food always comes first. Without food no directions! I love eating, reading about and making good food. I cannot eat food made without thought to their ingredients. I love feeding people too. A baking expedition where I am the only eater is sorely disappointing! So I mostly spend my free time reading food blogs and dreaming of food.

2. Working out/running/spinning/aerobics: Well, once you have eaten, you have to burn it off too you know? I love the feeling working out gives me….currently am on a sleepy high after some very relaxing yoga.mmm….

3. Reading: It can take any form books or blogs, papers or magazines, you name it, I will read least once. I still read about 2-3 books a week. Not reading in the bathroom gives me actual constipation (umm….Too Much Information? )

4. Women’s Rights: I would’nt call it perspective differs a little bit from the equality perspective, but yeah I believe very passionately: what a man can do, a woman can do better!

5. Psychology: Umm..I am doing my PhD in the stuff you know? I gotta have atleast some passion for it! I love thinking about how people work and how amazingly complex human behavior is..much more so than the human anatomy!

6. India: I am passionate about letting people know about my country and what it stands for. I wish I could show everyone the India that we see…not what they imagine!

7. Green: I believe that we do not have the right to screw the environment, we cannot and should not throw trash without thinking about what the end result will be (Specially in India) . One person not throwing that empty plastic bottle from a train/car window does make a difference.

8. Theatre/Ballet/Dance: I love performing and watching performances. I also love the madness that comes with organizing them and I miss it.

Eight Things I want to do before I die:

1. complete the darn PhD. It seems never ending you know?

2. See India from from one end to another…and no planes please!

3. Write a book: a very sexy, completely irreverent irony/satire/farce would be amazing!

4. Learn Ballet

5. Reach skinnyness

6. Have the “moment”: from Whitney houston’s song :” Give me one moment in time, when I’m all that I thought I would be, when all of my dreams are a heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me”

7. Run a marathon

8. scuba diving and living like a beach bum on an island somewhere with no phone and internet…wishful thinking huh?

Eight things I say often:
2. he bhangwaan
3. uh-oh
4. Am good and how are youuuuu?
5. Why me?
6. ugh
7. Its cold ..really cold…and I am colddddddd
8. do you have any questions? If not then let me give you a quiz and ruin your weekend …followed by diabolical laugh!
Eight books I’ve read recently:
The Straight man
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (reread)
On top of Spaghetti (cookbook)
Mohawk (By the same author as The straight man..very nice!)
Nearly Wed (irrelevant chicklit)
Wheel of Time book 3: The Dragon Reborn (reread)
Ad Land (about origin etc of advertising..very fascinating).
Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:
Losing my religion
Im going slightly mad
Tujhse Naaraz Nahi Zindagi/ Mera kuch samaan
Eye of the Tiger
Bavra Man
I go to extremes
What’s love got to do with it
What a feeling
Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:
Long Conversations (preferrably intelligent and coherent ones)
Craziness (some amount is neccesary)
Overall cheerfulness
The adventurousness that I lack
ahem…punctuality…ask my mom, I hate her bieng late evn for geniuine reasons
Eight People who will be doing this tag whether they want or not: 
nah..I’ll just let them quake with fear at the coming of the tag! It will pounce unannounced. Since my brain is already fried, please leave a comment if you desire a tag to remove any residual blog constipation.

The morose valentine’s day post

The only reason I look forward to St. Valentine’s day of departure from this earth is so that I can write my morose valentine’s day post. Oh cmon,a perenially single woman like me is allowed this one whinny day? This is a perfect day for self pity and whining and indulging in chocolate…coz..sob..nobody is going to get me any and ofcourse think sadly of the ex. This has been the rule as of late.

However, this year I have not been able to muster that spirit of whini-ness…and yes I made that up! I have no yearning or longing for someone..and I find myself asking myself…really? you mean really? Test myself with senarios such as..imagine, noone to bring you a gift and take you out for twinge of longing, noone who knows your penchant for dark chocolate…hmm..just pops some into own mouth…no twinge yet again. Scary, that. Not the dark chocolate but the crazy lack of men and the me wannnnnaaa! There is no desire for dinner out either, no green flashes when friends got flowers and I was in consultation with the male of the pair for appropriate gifts. I couldnt care less. Ofcourse I do care about the gifts, but I dont care about their lack to me. Maybe I am sick, something is seriously wrong. Or maybe, just maybe I am growing up as far as these things are¬†concerned?

As more and more friends¬†get into relationships, I find myself happy in my groove. Specially when friends cannot make it to¬†the gym because partner isnt totally into it! umm..noone can take my gym away from me! I admit it would be nice to share stuff with someone etc¬†and¬†have that special¬†thing going and the other side benefits of relationships..however¬†nothing happens in¬†my life anyways and it is fun to do things alone. I usually go to concerts alone because I cannot stand people who dont enjoy it and then dont let you enjoy it either by it over yet¬†etc… Earlier I used to think maybe people are pitying me because i’m probably th¬†e only person there alone. This year I find myself thinking about that lesser and lesser, sometimes I couldnt care less. If I want someone to see something with me, I bloody well invite them! I reserve spinning classes for friends because I like to see friends in that class. I make plans for movies because I want to spend time with that person! I stay home and work on the thesis because that is what¬†I want to do. I am having fun! so sorry …but this St. Valentine’s Day isnt really morose, it is more about self love. I love me to bits…and that’s all that matters to me.

On another tack, I have been off food for a bit..I am eating but it isnt an obsessive desire to eat, maybe I am eating a good balanced diet so my system doesnt feel deprived anymore so no more cravings?

Talking of body and working out..I went swimming after a very long time and by golly am I sore! My neck hurts..I never learnt to swim properly with head under water, bosom friend…I dont remember..did you swim that way? If you didnt..did you ever figure it out? I swear I will nail it this summer! Rest of workout is all good

I will be making besan ke ladoo day after tomorrow and I am looking forward to it, one of the reasons is that besam ladoo remind me of my naani, she is the expert in the family, mom isnt into food (therefore is skinny and rather irritating in her refusal to rhapsody about food and her insistence that I am obsessed). So besan ladoo is my favorite mithai and just making it, the smell of besan brings back the old kitchen in watkhed, the afternoon quiet and me and aai(naani) sitting and chatting and making ladoos. Isnt it funny how we miss these things?considering that whenever me and aai are together we spend most of our time fighting. SHe is a super pushy and super accomplished woman who is wayyy better at maths and engineering than anyone I know! She is a housewife who could put back a scooter together when her teenage son took it apart for a lark and didnt know what to do! So here’s to aai and besan ladoo.. sorry to make you hungry, want some? then come and get it!

To anything..we just need a toast!

Sorry for the delay in posting as usual! Things got busy-ish. Then I got sick. Been sick for the past week. Had the flu. SInce I havent had the flu so bad for such a long time, this was double bad! On Monday it was just fever, by tuesday my nose ran away and by wednesday I no longer had a voice.¬†Soo I did not teach on wednesday, and now as a teacher I know how much a cancelled class sucks! Oh, yeah am teaching now, its kind of fun, my students arent super bad or over smart as well. They are nice people so it going well so far…I’ve been told to wait for the first exam before passing judgement on niceness.

Funny today, I have been thinking about certain things for a while now. I have been wanting to write about them for a while too. About friends and friend-ships and lau-ships and sheeps that sail away in the night. Oh well, back to the topic. Friendship for me truly has been a boat that sailed away in the night. Barely ever do I find someone I really gel with, I guess I am picky, I guess I am also looking in the wrong place most of the time. However, what friends I have, I tend to keep. However, politics has forever been my nightmare. I¬† didnt get it when I was in CHRC. I dont get it now. I dont get how people decide which side of the fence they wanna hang, its usually never my side. I end up sitting up there on that fence wondering which side to drop on and ultimately both sides hate me. I dont get group dynamics, I dont get close friendships either.¬† I dont get how people can decide who is right or wrong without looking at themselves first. Its not just them but me as well. I am also not a good fighter, when faced with illogical arguments, I lose my eloquence and usually stare at people gobsmacked and am rarely able to articulate my thoughts. So, where does that leave me? On the wrong side of the fence, staring at the walls of my room (which are rather tastefully decorated). That is fine with me, because I am coming to terms with who I am, a loner, who cant deal with politics, so better to stay out of it. A person who keeps their mouth shut is looking more and more attractive, however, have you ever known me to keep my mouth shut…like ever?

Changing tack, I still remember my mom asking me to keep quiet for 5 minutes and me bieng unable to do it, rest assured mom, I am getting plenty of practice now.

Talking about cat fights, arent blogs the pettiest place to pick fights? One of the blogs I¬† read is getting random petty comments out of the middle of nowhere, with people critisizing everything as to how OCD she is to, how self absorbed she is. I wouldnt have ever thought of all this if I hadnt read the comments. Arent blogs your part of the world? Where you write things as you see them ? Your corner where people are not to intrude? Yet they do, they definately do. And I am not going to fuel this by telling you which blog it is. I got in trouble too…but I am always in trouble aint I?

As a last tack of the day, sorry, I am scrambled, I read a funny funny book. If you are in any way related to academia, went to grad school or even went to crazy department meetings, you must read this book. It is a satirical take on a department of English, its impending budget cut and a couple of geese. Its “The Straight Man” by Richard Russo.¬† Funny, funny, highly recommended.

Will post soon..I promise…my morose valentine’s day post is soon to come. I also plan to post some food and pet stay tuned!