Bring in the new year and other stories


A very happy and yummy new year to ye all! I am pleased with mine so far, not considering that I spent most of the 1st sleeping off the excesses of the past couple of days. I wish though, that the parties would come to an end. I am kind of tired of seeing people and plenty sick of their dramas, the alcohol and definately the food which aint helping my waistline any. See how easily I go from happy new year to cribby new year is expert!

Anyways all the drama about food really makes me wonder, these skinny people, if you are one of them..more power to you..but I am not, so allow me to divide people into these categories. So, the skinny people, never really seem to think before they eat something, they eat to their heart’s content and unfortunately also push food onto other people, who should know better and resist. I was also gobsmacked to hear someone telling me that kheer has only milk and therefore no calories…umm milk, full fat milk, has plently calories, when combined with seviyan(sp) roasted in ghee and tons of sugar..ahem no calories? which world are we living in?  Then the men who claim that alcohol has very little calories, which justifies their getting sloshed at a drop of the hat and the other fat women who dont really get the concept of priorities continously asking me..dont you feel like having some? Eh, actually I DONT. One can eat only so much heavy food in a given period of time, and I am done! I can no longer take these heavy dinners and late nights because my body is suffering. I am perpetually tired, my workouts are tiring because of inappropriate fuel and lets just say its enough desi food to last me the rest of the year.

Am I becoming a crazy NRI with a workout complex or is it a natural reaction to everyone being so terribly gluttonous..for lack of a better word? It is also very funny to note that these people who also have weight problems play badminton for an hour and half and justify their food. Uhh, I workout for like 2 hours a day, most days, and I still cannot justify that kind of food on a regular day to day basis. A treat is always nice, but should be treated as a treat.

Talking about workouts, I am currently doing the Jillian Micheals, Making the Cut, and my butt is being kicked like it never been kicked before. I have not been this sore since I first started training about 9 years ago! So, its my machoistic fun of the year! Its a great workout and I would recommend the book to anyone who is in decent shape already and would like some more strength training!

Hopefully, the food fest is now over and I can go back to my spartan ways and enjoy my workouts and actually see their results instead of just maintaining ..and you go eat and workout and make 2008 a healthy year for you, whichever way healthy strikes you, and please tell me if i am a crazy gym rat. I need independent opinions!