flash past

wow! it has been a long time for no posts, even by my lax standards..maybe i should just give this up alltogether? I dont seem to have many readers as it is (sulks).  This semester has flashed by and before I knew it, its thanksgiving..yay! a holiday..no student emails for the next three days ..ohh lord please..I need that reprive! Also no emails from my TA professor would be nice!

So lets do a little thansgiving post..what am I thankful for?

1. Health: definately a big one, I can no longer imagine life without working out so much and doing so many things without feeling a pinch, such as speding 12 hours straight at the library without a break, which was completely my fault, noobe asked me to begin the project so late…umm there goes  my previous post 😀

2. Family: the more I meet people and the more they crib about their families, I realize how completely crazy and amazing my family is, ofcourse there are tons of things I would change, on the whole though we rub along pretty well.

3. Internet: Never thought a technology thing would be so high on my list of blessings, but truly when I remember my undergrad, also spent away from home and my PhD, I am more in touch with people now because it is so much easier with the chatting and all that. The flip side however is that I am in touch with people I dont want to be in touch with and have no excuses to make.

4. A room of my own: after sharing a room for 2 years a room to myself is quite the blessing, a home to myself will be nice, but a room will do for now.

5. Public Library: My saviour ever since forever in manhattan, I dont know what I woul do without. I definately would not look like a complete idiot when people mention movies, I just dont watch them..eeps..sorry? (note to self: reading sounds one more of a nerd than already am!)

6. Singledom: As my friends fall like flies to the marriage bug, very scary that..I find myself becoming comfortable and thankful that I am alone.

7. Lack of secret boyfriends: I also find myself loving the fact that I am independent enough to have an iilicit hot racy affair if I so wish without having to hide it and keep running around under the cover of darkness like certain people I know. BTW I am not having one currently, so please dont get no ideas. I like people to get ideas about me only when they are right. I find it very annoying when they imagine interesting secret lives for me, when I am sitting in a corner and reading. I therefore find it thankful-ing that I dont have to hide things from anybody.

8. Mentors: I am thankful for my informal mentor, the amazing man who took time to help me out of the crazy rut with my boss last semester, I swear that if he was not around last semester, I would be back home in india and doing jhadoo -pota!

Umm thats about it at the moment, major things taken care of, what are you thankful for? more later, when the fancy strikes..bed now!