about procrastination

I know i abandon you every once in a while for a long while, but what to say? I have been super busy. As I turned 25, I have been noticing changes in me. I have always been a procastinator, now, not so much so. I still procrastinate on assignments to the best of my ability but I no longer avoid doing other voluntary things related to work. I acually even start preparing for papers a couple of days in advance. Is it age? or is it grad school slowly hammering me into its image? Creating a work ethic where none was before? Or is it just better time management? I feel like I get things done as fast as before and if I start earlier, I should also have more time. Not so, still feel equally rushed and mad. Ofcourse having a crazy TA professor helps. I spend most of my tuesdays and thursdays praying that he wouldnt do something stupid and I wont have to kill him mentally one more time. But that rarely happens. Luckily I am not into voodoo or my tiny office would have been crammed full of effigies stuck with sharp pointy pins.

On another tack, I read a great book of essays about judy blume books. I realized that a lot of people learnt a lot of things from her, including me! I learnt something from these essays too. That I am normal. eh, cmon, stop laughing! Fine I am relatively normal. Other people have strong crazy friendships too and they are devastated when they end! One line struck me as bieng true ” I think a best friend in every way leaves no room in your life for a relationship. For a relationship to happen, some of that closeness must go away” That makes sense and makes choices made by friends a bit easier to bear.

On yet another tack…hmm I change tacks too fast what? I am rereading Wheel of Time series. My books are in India, therefore library copies it is! I am amazed that each line in even the first book is so indicative of things to come. Each line can be interpreted so clearly as being meaningful in retrospect! I assume he had a very clear plan for the entire series from the very beginning, which makes him even more awesome than he already is in my eyes. I have never felt the lose of an author more. RIP Robert Jordan.

On ye another tack. I had a baking disaster. I took this glorious recipe from david lebovitz, and then turned out my springform wasnt water tight and the cake turned into a pudding. I therefore microwaved it some more and served it as the chocolate pudding cake! It worked! However, I did not like it even that muchly! If you plan to visit his site, dont go empty stomached. I have been driven to desserts before and its all his fault 😀

On the last tack, it is time for a workout. You do so too and leave a comment. Am sure it burns a couple calories


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  1. I tried to leave a comment on the birthday post and it wouldn’t let me and now i have completely forgotten what i wrote 2 weeks ago 😦 but something on the lines of am so happy you had a great time and had chocolate 😀
    procrastination – you are growing up and getting responsible : | i still am not. not even close. although i would like to, but still..nowhere in sight. its not as bad as you think it is 😉
    saw a judy blume book at a freind’s place and it brought back memories! some of the stuff people learnt from that was soo funny then and is ridiculously funny now. i mean come on, stuff about boys that had to be explained to certain people at 15, he he so funny 😉 but she was so right about so much of the stuff that makes sense. i wish it wasn’t, but it is 😦
    good luck burning calories, the fight is on at this end too!

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