Its a qut, siler jubilee or a quarter of a century or just old-ness?

Hello and thanks for the birthday wishes. If you didnt know or forgot, not to worry, I still take late presents ūüėČ

And thanks to everyone who made it a lovely birthday. I had a yum time and bosom friend, I did have chocolate in my day and some vey yumm cheesecake. The cheesecake however was shared amongst many so it was even better! What can be better than people willing to spend time with you on your birthday and sharing food and laughter, specially when it was a monday?

I was truly humbled this time, I was very sure that I will not have a party, due to many reasons such as my roommates not exactly being fond of me or the day I was born. So I had steeled myself for a day spent in avoiding self pity at every turn. I was determined to not be morose on my birthday. I was trying very hard not to start crying, alone in my bedroom just before midnight. Hence I started cleaning my room.( a very unusual move, marked either by a full moon or depression).

 Suddenly I recieve a phone call from a friend and neighbour who has managed to remember the birthday and it turns out to be a surprise party for ME!! I still havent managed to locate the pictures. Since it was a surprise I didnt have my camera on me. I was humbled because all these men in my life managed to organize this, when I was sure they wouldnt be bothered. I was humbled that these people do care enough and do pay attention even when I think they dont know I care so much about birthdays. They were surprised that I wasnt expecting it. I truly didnt anticipate this or the treat for dinner the next day.

 It also proved that I am truly one of the guys. I dont think many girls have five single males celebrate their birthday. Luckily no birthday bumps. It does bring to mind, why do women hate me and why am I single?

Logically speaking, women hate women who are gorgeous, which am not, note the single part. Women hate women who attract more men. I dont know¬†about the attracting, but I do manage to befriend them. So hate is OK. However the single part, maybe should be the cold ice queen and invent some damsel in distress part? How about not talking about computers, or bidis, or daaru or cars. Instead emphasize my cooking skills and my feminine side…awww so cuuute. Hey, me can do that..havent you noticed yet?

Anyways guys, for your love, I promise to bring my love in turn…mm..anybody for some apple walnut bread?

After the birthday, another milestone, my second annivesary of the weight loss saga, I have managed to maintain the aproximately 35 pounds I have lost. This is not a lot, but quite an achievement for me. I have never maintained for so long. Now I am hopefully losing more weight as I get serious about food in about not eating it. So look out women, more reasons to hate moi!

if you thought i was going somewhere with this post, sorry to disappoint you…and toodle o!


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