technological advancement of excuses

The Right Brain vs Left Brain « That Wealth Advisor-guy

ok this is a multiplex post as usual!

a) watch this and decide which way she spins for you. I was freaked, because I would blink and she would start spinning the other way! does this proove once and for all that I am really really strange? noooo…

b) the main topic of the post: technological advancement of excuses: This monday I had a terrible midterm, long and gruelling. So much so that it caused a post traumatic stress disorder and I am still getting nightmares about it! However, due to the mindterm I thought we wouldnt have any assignments due today and didnt even look to see. As you may guess, I was dumb and pulled a freshman by not looking at the syllabus. Here is where the technological part comes in. I told the professor I forgo my flashdrive at home and will have the assignment to him by the afternoon. I havent done this in a while. The last time I made up something was in school…uh, Maam, I forgot my Homework copy (this was a regular occurance) . Look at the technology advancement. Flashdrives get forgotten instead of notebooks! Fortunately we always an excuse system ready.  Humans can take advantage of any technology they come across, specially for unintended purposes, such as internet pOrn, sp@m and ofcourse as mentioned above, excuses. Do tell moi what you think!

c) I just started my food and workout blogging at multiply..dunno…just felt like it! If you wanna read..go to 

d) I am in technological trouble: my laptop, heartrate monitor and car are giving warning signals that their time is coming..sigh..pray for me friends..pray!




  1. greetings from calgary. i saw the image spinning anti clockwise…….so i *forced* myself to see it spinning clockwise knowing that its just how my brain perceives things … i think now i am emototional person and what not. wait a minute i think the fact that i can change myself with logic must mean that i am logical.

  2. I was overwhelmingly left-brained till I started paying attention to how attractive the girl is. I swear she immediately changed direction.

  3. people have asked me to look at that woman turn way too many times in the last week X-( and i can’t make her turn the other way so !@%#$%
    on the other hand, i am so proud of the fact that you are using the excuses learnt in school to good use. keep it up my friend 😀 may you use other technology for procrastination as well 😉
    also, a very very happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day and forget counting calories and pig out on chocolate :p

  4. @ bhavya: thanku for the comment..its a relief to know I am not the only crazy out there!

    @deppe :”frowns”, tsk tsk you men, see a pretty girl and change of mind

    @ bosom friend: proves you are sane! didnt think of that did you? And thanks for the bday wish. Me did eat chocolate…and its all your fault :D;)

  5. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. i always visit food blogs because i always like to do some home cooked meals :*.

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