about procrastination

I know i abandon you every once in a while for a long while, but what to say? I have been super busy. As I turned 25, I have been noticing changes in me. I have always been a procastinator, now, not so much so. I still procrastinate on assignments to the best of my ability but I no longer avoid doing other voluntary things related to work. I acually even start preparing for papers a couple of days in advance. Is it age? or is it grad school slowly hammering me into its image? Creating a work ethic where none was before? Or is it just better time management? I feel like I get things done as fast as before and if I start earlier, I should also have more time. Not so, still feel equally rushed and mad. Ofcourse having a crazy TA professor helps. I spend most of my tuesdays and thursdays praying that he wouldnt do something stupid and I wont have to kill him mentally one more time. But that rarely happens. Luckily I am not into voodoo or my tiny office would have been crammed full of effigies stuck with sharp pointy pins.

On another tack, I read a great book of essays about judy blume books. I realized that a lot of people learnt a lot of things from her, including me! I learnt something from these essays too. That I am normal. eh, cmon, stop laughing! Fine I am relatively normal. Other people have strong crazy friendships too and they are devastated when they end! One line struck me as bieng true ” I think a best friend in every way leaves no room in your life for a relationship. For a relationship to happen, some of that closeness must go away” That makes sense and makes choices made by friends a bit easier to bear.

On yet another tack…hmm I change tacks too fast what? I am rereading Wheel of Time series. My books are in India, therefore library copies it is! I am amazed that each line in even the first book is so indicative of things to come. Each line can be interpreted so clearly as being meaningful in retrospect! I assume he had a very clear plan for the entire series from the very beginning, which makes him even more awesome than he already is in my eyes. I have never felt the lose of an author more. RIP Robert Jordan.

On ye another tack. I had a baking disaster. I took this glorious recipe from david lebovitz, and then turned out my springform wasnt water tight and the cake turned into a pudding. I therefore microwaved it some more and served it as the chocolate pudding cake! It worked! However, I did not like it even that muchly! If you plan to visit his site, dont go empty stomached. I have been driven to desserts before and its all his fault 😀

On the last tack, it is time for a workout. You do so too and leave a comment. Am sure it burns a couple calories


Its a qut, siler jubilee or a quarter of a century or just old-ness?

Hello and thanks for the birthday wishes. If you didnt know or forgot, not to worry, I still take late presents 😉

And thanks to everyone who made it a lovely birthday. I had a yum time and bosom friend, I did have chocolate in my day and some vey yumm cheesecake. The cheesecake however was shared amongst many so it was even better! What can be better than people willing to spend time with you on your birthday and sharing food and laughter, specially when it was a monday?

I was truly humbled this time, I was very sure that I will not have a party, due to many reasons such as my roommates not exactly being fond of me or the day I was born. So I had steeled myself for a day spent in avoiding self pity at every turn. I was determined to not be morose on my birthday. I was trying very hard not to start crying, alone in my bedroom just before midnight. Hence I started cleaning my room.( a very unusual move, marked either by a full moon or depression).

 Suddenly I recieve a phone call from a friend and neighbour who has managed to remember the birthday and it turns out to be a surprise party for ME!! I still havent managed to locate the pictures. Since it was a surprise I didnt have my camera on me. I was humbled because all these men in my life managed to organize this, when I was sure they wouldnt be bothered. I was humbled that these people do care enough and do pay attention even when I think they dont know I care so much about birthdays. They were surprised that I wasnt expecting it. I truly didnt anticipate this or the treat for dinner the next day.

 It also proved that I am truly one of the guys. I dont think many girls have five single males celebrate their birthday. Luckily no birthday bumps. It does bring to mind, why do women hate me and why am I single?

Logically speaking, women hate women who are gorgeous, which am not, note the single part. Women hate women who attract more men. I dont know about the attracting, but I do manage to befriend them. So hate is OK. However the single part, maybe should be the cold ice queen and invent some damsel in distress part? How about not talking about computers, or bidis, or daaru or cars. Instead emphasize my cooking skills and my feminine side…awww so cuuute. Hey, me can do that..havent you noticed yet?

Anyways guys, for your love, I promise to bring my love in turn…mm..anybody for some apple walnut bread?

After the birthday, another milestone, my second annivesary of the weight loss saga, I have managed to maintain the aproximately 35 pounds I have lost. This is not a lot, but quite an achievement for me. I have never maintained for so long. Now I am hopefully losing more weight as I get serious about food again..umm..as in about not eating it. So look out women, more reasons to hate moi!

if you thought i was going somewhere with this post, sorry to disappoint you…and toodle o!

technological advancement of excuses

The Right Brain vs Left Brain « That Wealth Advisor-guy

ok this is a multiplex post as usual!

a) watch this and decide which way she spins for you. I was freaked, because I would blink and she would start spinning the other way! does this proove once and for all that I am really really strange? noooo…

b) the main topic of the post: technological advancement of excuses: This monday I had a terrible midterm, long and gruelling. So much so that it caused a post traumatic stress disorder and I am still getting nightmares about it! However, due to the mindterm I thought we wouldnt have any assignments due today and didnt even look to see. As you may guess, I was dumb and pulled a freshman by not looking at the syllabus. Here is where the technological part comes in. I told the professor I forgo my flashdrive at home and will have the assignment to him by the afternoon. I havent done this in a while. The last time I made up something was in school…uh, Maam, I forgot my Homework copy (this was a regular occurance) . Look at the technology advancement. Flashdrives get forgotten instead of notebooks! Fortunately we always an excuse system ready.  Humans can take advantage of any technology they come across, specially for unintended purposes, such as internet pOrn, sp@m and ofcourse as mentioned above, excuses. Do tell moi what you think!

c) I just started my food and workout blogging at multiply..dunno…just felt like it! If you wanna read..go to http://gobledygook.multiply.com/ 

d) I am in technological trouble: my laptop, heartrate monitor and car are giving warning signals that their time is coming..sigh..pray for me friends..pray!