contents of my refrigerator

ahh another great tag from chandni. In all fairness, she didnt tag me, I invited myself to be tagged. A case of “aa bel, mujhe maar” in english (direct translation), here bull, come hit me. Doesnt the english version sound more graphic? Anyways, I was to tel you what the contents of my frigde are. Before I start, I must tell you what fidges tell me about people. If I am at a friends’ place. I barely ever resist opening their fridge and freezer and checking out the contents. It says a lot to me,  and my tummy, so to speak :D. So after a quick rummage and a bite for sustanance through this peril. Here are the contents of my section of the fridge (I live with roommates, who dont cook together).

Exhibit 1: Staples: The regular stuff. Ketchup, cheese (sharp cheddar, fresh mozzarella, cheese slices), ligh mayonnaise, butter  (salted and unsalted), bread,pita pockets, jam (strawberry:D) and eggs (6 large).some thai curry paste that has been around for mayyybe…1 year.

Exhibit 2: The perishables: Yogurt (two types: flavored yogurt & homemade yogurt), milk (1% and 2%).

Exhibit 3: Fresh Vegetables: Tomatoes (Which I kind of go overboard with), cauliflower, coriander/cilantro.

Exhibit 4: Cooked Vegetables: Cauliflower-peas curry kinda thing, mixed veggies and tofu, lauki ki sabzi (bottle gourd)

Exhibit 5: (no its never ending) : Frozen goodies: frozen stir fry veggy mixes, raw chicken, frozen fruit (mango, Berry mix), corn, peas etc

Exhibit 6: the savory spinach scones I just made because I couldnt resist making them after I read the recipe online…so yumm.

Space left over: 0.

This is the regualr condition of my fridge. Hopefully you would agree with me that most of the things in here are healthy. I btw found the scones recipe when looking for calories in lauki ki sabzi..ahh internet ..

This should also tell you that I am prepared for famines and parties. Also cooking once a week with suplementaiion gives me time for other fun things such as sleep 😀

what is in your fridge?



  1. Whoa!!! I have never ever had so much food in my fridge. EVER. Not even after a party. Wow!

  2. hehe…remember that is my section of the fridge 😉 the other two are less full. If allowed to I can take over the whole thing…sigh

  3. Sigh indeed. I need you to be my fridge-keeper indeed, maybe then I will have something to eat. hee he

  4. @ purva: umm the emptiness of your fridge was pretty scary. You need to come to manhattan and get fed to the gills!

  5. the stuff is so healthy it leaves a bad taste in my mouth 😛

    just kidding!!!! I want the recipe of the spinach scones…

  6. Is that a deal? But I will define what “fed to the gills” means. I like the emptiness of my fridge. It keeps it clean. Or used to. Not anymore 😦 My roomie cooks often enough.

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