missing you/it

Before I get rolling, just wanted to ask…hows the new theme? Too foody? I ate that yummy thing so am immune.but if it bothers people too much I might have to change it!

Another note or warning: This is a nostalgia post, so if you are allergic stay away!

I dont know why I find myself missing a lot of things recently, its like an ache that wont go away. Not just things but people too…should that have been the other way round? People and things too? hmm…anyways I have been missing things people. So here is my list of “I’ve been missing you” .

1. Home, India, Indore: I miss home, I wanna go home, there are times when the squareness and neatness and organization of the US completely gets to me and I begin craving the chaos, the color and the magic that is India. In such a state even watching a hindi movie is unbearably painful because I long for those crazy roads, hodge podge houses and ofcourse food.

2. Roadside Indian food: It just holds a different head space. Being from Indore, which is pretty much food mad, whenever my dad and his friends get together all they talk about is food past and food present. Foods they used to eat as athletes and where did that shop go to the latest in jalebi’s . I miss that food. That may also be because I tried making poha and failed, miserably. I had a soggy lump. Never the one to give up, I did it again, and this time I had chivda, which is rather dry. SO i gave up on poha. It did make me miss indori poha and jalebi breakfasts, post workout, stopping on the way back from the gym to get sunday brekky for self and parents. Their sleepy appreciation and my grin of victory. I miss johnny hot dog and mung ke bhajiye and kachori and chinese and fresh fruit juice and the list can go on for ten more pages so I will move on here

3. I miss my ex-bf: sad but true, I still miss him (I hope he doesnt read this, or he will have to be pricked  by a needle just to ring him to a normal size again..eh, men and egos. I miss our fun together and just being with each  other. But then I think about what a colossal ass he is now and I dont miss him anymore..ok fine I do, but just a little.

4. I miss my ex-bff: bff? best friend forever…only one person I ever called that. I miss not being bffs and I miss not being able to call anyone that…I have friends, good friends,crazy friends, polite friends, enemies. I lack a bff, I miss one.

5. I miss summer, just because, life is crazy right now and next summer is far away. I like summer. and oh btw…some nice things do happen in october..such as birthdays (ahem)

Thats all I miss, pretty much. Not a very long list as I thought it might be. But almost 50% of it out of my hands, only india is something I can control, well lack of boyfriends can be controlled too, but not very effectively in manhattan, ks. So I will miss you no more, eh lied again.

This revealed one thing for sure, I really like lists: I wonder why? And you guys be good, leave me some comments and check ou the new header and tell me if it needs to go!



  1. It is like a wave of nostalgia.. hits and misses.. And then you move on.. or try to. Gah.. life can be complex. Eat chocolate 😀

  2. ahem….evil temptress..chocolate??

  3. Ummm…. sometimes you have to give in… to bliss :-p

  4. Sigh…you now have made me homesick too 😦
    no indore 😦 no poha jalebi 😦 have man in life but at this point i’d rather not.
    no BFF :(( not even a friend i can call my own. that is what i miss MOST.
    no one who speaks like an indori or understands how awesome growing up there was!
    but hey there is always chocolate 🙂

  5. The header needs to go; It’s sinful. Good luck with the bfs and the bffs

  6. @ bosom friend: et tu brutus? tempting me to sin with chocolate? I always wanted to say that 😀
    as far as indori’s go..i’d rather not associate with indori’s in manhattan! I need choithram indoris if that makes sense..not that I ever liked any of them much 😀 , but hey its shared history after all!
    as for men in life…eh, it’ll pass! remember the fun stuff and do some fun stuff
    as for bffs: they can come back you know if you want them hard enough, afterall the world is a small place these days thanks to the net-gods

    @deppe: oooh look who’s here! long time no hear! so do you think a chocolate ganache cake would be less sinful? I also consumed that one…(innocent smile)

  7. Chocolate seems to be the clear winner 🙂

  8. lovely template…we r loving it..
    stop missing, come to india in december!

  9. @chandni: thanku maam for the template
    and we regret our inability to come to india in decemeber..we are sad…

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