A lot of posts have been running through my head, unfortunately, I have had no time to actually write any of them. But today is the day! So here go a lot of random things running through my head.

1. School has been on for a month and it feels like summer never happened, the treadmill, people/hamsters just got even faster and life is crazy!

2. I hate freshmen, I hate the fact that they think it is ok to treat anyone any which way even if they are teaching you. Also I TA for two classes with 250 kids each. The fact that they cant even spell their own name, ruins my happiness, every single day.

3. I am actually getting up in the morning to run. What does that tell you? that if you keep making resolutions for 10 years, someday they might happen, so no giving up on the resolution.

4. While I am on the running topic..let me break this gently, I am not running the kansas city half marathon on my 25th birthday, because of a certain overlooked detail, namely school is going to be a wee bit wild for me to train. So, maybe something in the spring I guess…but no, I am not going to stop running..me likes it πŸ˜€

5. I would really really like one whole day of staring at the ceilling and not doing anything. Unfortunately, by evening I am so restless that I take off myself…ugh…

6. Something that is making me very sad today, one of my favorite authors passed away yesterday. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series that I have devoured for the past 13 years is no more. He has left out the last part of the 12 part series and has gone to his grave taking the secrets of Mat, Tuon, Rand, Perrin, Moraine and the rest of the bunch with him. May the light bless him and the embrace of the mother welcome him home. His world will be sorely missed by millions of fans around the world, who will also now forver fight over what should have happened next.

I, as an individual have never been so touched by the death of someone I dont even know, I now know what it feels like to lose something I took so much for granted.

7. More cheerfully, I am also back to spinning and McCain, which resulted in me seeing this gorgeous tango perfromance yesterday, I must say, the men are hot and very very my kind of men (wipes drool off keyboard) and the women are amazing! most of all though is the music and tango music is my latest “it” music, along with all my running cheesy music and fusion and classical and dhinchak hindi songs.

8. That s it for now, some comments would be really welcome! be good and enjoy the glorious fall weather!



  1. I was saddened by Robert Jordan’s death as well. And people not spelling their names correctly saddens me too. So do work colleagues leaving. Especially the ones you like very muchly.

  2. @ marshmallow : were you reading my blog as I was reading yours? ohh well…pass those french fries right back to me πŸ˜‰
    btw, your food blog makes me hungry everytime I read it..and also gives me cravings for things like avocados, feta and pepperoni!

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