these are a few of my favorite things

chandni over at the “Bohemian Raphsody” has tagged me yet again, knowing my laziness and yet a desire to keep this blog going. I have been asked to write of a few of my favorites ..kinda difficult that …mmmm.. here we go:

1. Baking: I like my baking, I like my cooking. I find it very relaxing to fiddle around with recipes and try new foods and new things and ofcourse binge on then alone and with friends.

2.  A good book and a quiet afternoon: A good book can be anything, but a lazy sunny afternoon is the perfect time to indulge in the book, preferably with a stash of oranges…ahh the bliss.

3. Getting wet in the rain: the moment it starts raining, I start itching to go out into it and get soaking wet to the bone, there is just something about rain water running down my nose.

4.  Long runs: I hate getting up early, but I also love me a long run. I feel zen like and achy breaky and pretty much useless for the rest of the day, but I do enjoy that moment (rare) that you feel like you can run forever and never ever have to stop.

5.  Spinning: umm, another workout favorite, another sweaty class but great fun.

6. Blogs: my daily dose of blogs on my feedlist. Its the first thing I check every morning and keep checking through the day…they are my fix of thoughts and ideas.

7. People watching: sitting alone in a coffee shop, watching people, specially cafe coffee day in indore, by the glass wall and watching people park cars..i know ..very strage..but bliss.

8. Conversations with friends, about nothing and everything, loads of laughter, arguments, food and music.

9. Gardens: thanks to my summer job, I now know and adore plants and taking care of a garden. unfortunately I have also started weeding beds that have no relation to me, random flower beds that I am standing next know..outside a food joint or something..but i also noitce landscaping much more!

10. Beaches and the sea: It just calls my name! The freedom to walk along the water, sometimes letting the waves take little licks off me, miles and miles of deserted beaches, preferably non sandy, like certain parts of the coast in Maharashtra.

These are a few of my favorites and my apologies for such a long gap. I have been travelling, which involved beaches! yay! and I proposed! yay! another step to that phd 😀

Also I wrote this post a while back..just reading it made me think, so I will process and get back to you…hopefully sooner than later! ta!


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