contents of my refrigerator

ahh another great tag from chandni. In all fairness, she didnt tag me, I invited myself to be tagged. A case of “aa bel, mujhe maar” in english (direct translation), here bull, come hit me. Doesnt the english version sound more graphic? Anyways, I was to tel you what the contents of my frigde are. Before I start, I must tell you what fidges tell me about people. If I am at a friends’ place. I barely ever resist opening their fridge and freezer and checking out the contents. It says a lot to me,  and my tummy, so to speak :D. So after a quick rummage and a bite for sustanance through this peril. Here are the contents of my section of the fridge (I live with roommates, who dont cook together).

Exhibit 1: Staples: The regular stuff. Ketchup, cheese (sharp cheddar, fresh mozzarella, cheese slices), ligh mayonnaise, butter  (salted and unsalted), bread,pita pockets, jam (strawberry:D) and eggs (6 large).some thai curry paste that has been around for mayyybe…1 year.

Exhibit 2: The perishables: Yogurt (two types: flavored yogurt & homemade yogurt), milk (1% and 2%).

Exhibit 3: Fresh Vegetables: Tomatoes (Which I kind of go overboard with), cauliflower, coriander/cilantro.

Exhibit 4: Cooked Vegetables: Cauliflower-peas curry kinda thing, mixed veggies and tofu, lauki ki sabzi (bottle gourd)

Exhibit 5: (no its never ending) : Frozen goodies: frozen stir fry veggy mixes, raw chicken, frozen fruit (mango, Berry mix), corn, peas etc

Exhibit 6: the savory spinach scones I just made because I couldnt resist making them after I read the recipe online…so yumm.

Space left over: 0.

This is the regualr condition of my fridge. Hopefully you would agree with me that most of the things in here are healthy. I btw found the scones recipe when looking for calories in lauki ki sabzi..ahh internet ..

This should also tell you that I am prepared for famines and parties. Also cooking once a week with suplementaiion gives me time for other fun things such as sleep 😀

what is in your fridge?


missing you/it

Before I get rolling, just wanted to ask…hows the new theme? Too foody? I ate that yummy thing so am immune.but if it bothers people too much I might have to change it!

Another note or warning: This is a nostalgia post, so if you are allergic stay away!

I dont know why I find myself missing a lot of things recently, its like an ache that wont go away. Not just things but people too…should that have been the other way round? People and things too? hmm…anyways I have been missing things people. So here is my list of “I’ve been missing you” .

1. Home, India, Indore: I miss home, I wanna go home, there are times when the squareness and neatness and organization of the US completely gets to me and I begin craving the chaos, the color and the magic that is India. In such a state even watching a hindi movie is unbearably painful because I long for those crazy roads, hodge podge houses and ofcourse food.

2. Roadside Indian food: It just holds a different head space. Being from Indore, which is pretty much food mad, whenever my dad and his friends get together all they talk about is food past and food present. Foods they used to eat as athletes and where did that shop go to the latest in jalebi’s . I miss that food. That may also be because I tried making poha and failed, miserably. I had a soggy lump. Never the one to give up, I did it again, and this time I had chivda, which is rather dry. SO i gave up on poha. It did make me miss indori poha and jalebi breakfasts, post workout, stopping on the way back from the gym to get sunday brekky for self and parents. Their sleepy appreciation and my grin of victory. I miss johnny hot dog and mung ke bhajiye and kachori and chinese and fresh fruit juice and the list can go on for ten more pages so I will move on here

3. I miss my ex-bf: sad but true, I still miss him (I hope he doesnt read this, or he will have to be pricked  by a needle just to ring him to a normal size, men and egos. I miss our fun together and just being with each  other. But then I think about what a colossal ass he is now and I dont miss him anymore..ok fine I do, but just a little.

4. I miss my ex-bff: bff? best friend forever…only one person I ever called that. I miss not being bffs and I miss not being able to call anyone that…I have friends, good friends,crazy friends, polite friends, enemies. I lack a bff, I miss one.

5. I miss summer, just because, life is crazy right now and next summer is far away. I like summer. and oh btw…some nice things do happen in october..such as birthdays (ahem)

Thats all I miss, pretty much. Not a very long list as I thought it might be. But almost 50% of it out of my hands, only india is something I can control, well lack of boyfriends can be controlled too, but not very effectively in manhattan, ks. So I will miss you no more, eh lied again.

This revealed one thing for sure, I really like lists: I wonder why? And you guys be good, leave me some comments and check ou the new header and tell me if it needs to go!



A lot of posts have been running through my head, unfortunately, I have had no time to actually write any of them. But today is the day! So here go a lot of random things running through my head.

1. School has been on for a month and it feels like summer never happened, the treadmill, people/hamsters just got even faster and life is crazy!

2. I hate freshmen, I hate the fact that they think it is ok to treat anyone any which way even if they are teaching you. Also I TA for two classes with 250 kids each. The fact that they cant even spell their own name, ruins my happiness, every single day.

3. I am actually getting up in the morning to run. What does that tell you? that if you keep making resolutions for 10 years, someday they might happen, so no giving up on the resolution.

4. While I am on the running topic..let me break this gently, I am not running the kansas city half marathon on my 25th birthday, because of a certain overlooked detail, namely school is going to be a wee bit wild for me to train. So, maybe something in the spring I guess…but no, I am not going to stop likes it 😀

5. I would really really like one whole day of staring at the ceilling and not doing anything. Unfortunately, by evening I am so restless that I take off myself…ugh…

6. Something that is making me very sad today, one of my favorite authors passed away yesterday. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series that I have devoured for the past 13 years is no more. He has left out the last part of the 12 part series and has gone to his grave taking the secrets of Mat, Tuon, Rand, Perrin, Moraine and the rest of the bunch with him. May the light bless him and the embrace of the mother welcome him home. His world will be sorely missed by millions of fans around the world, who will also now forver fight over what should have happened next.

I, as an individual have never been so touched by the death of someone I dont even know, I now know what it feels like to lose something I took so much for granted.

7. More cheerfully, I am also back to spinning and McCain, which resulted in me seeing this gorgeous tango perfromance yesterday, I must say, the men are hot and very very my kind of men (wipes drool off keyboard) and the women are amazing! most of all though is the music and tango music is my latest “it” music, along with all my running cheesy music and fusion and classical and dhinchak hindi songs.

8. That s it for now, some comments would be really welcome! be good and enjoy the glorious fall weather!


my last post: the one about my favorite things, made me think, really think! Go back and look at that post, what do you see? I know I am a bad editor…but what else is common? Gave up? or got it? Everything I like is something I do alone.  Walk along the beach, cook, garden, read etc etc. What does that make me? A loner, an asocial person? I guess! I, however, have always thought of myself as a rather social person, yet am slowly beginning to change that perception of myself. Over time I have come to realize that I dont really fit into groups. I used to long for that group of friends that totally and completely care about each other..uhuh not gonna happen. The dream is finally becoming what it is- a dream. I always expect that group to happen and it doesnt really, however many people I bond with, which is never many. Most people I find weird or boring and most people find me boring or weird. So we are even there.

Inspite of this I unfortunately have expectations of people, to hang out with, to invite me to do things with them, bieng the person left out of the secrets still hurts, why is that so, I know not. Being alone feels comfortable for only so long. Then i start getting restless and want people and laughter and fun. After too long of it, I tire and want to be alone, alone then means relief. Maybe I dont make enough effort, maybe I come across as being too watchful, careful or even too boisterious and tomboyish. Whatever it is, I stand looking in at the fringes and I never liked that (did I say that already?) . I am however coming to accept it. Is that growing up or giving up?  You decide.

these are a few of my favorite things

chandni over at the “Bohemian Raphsody” has tagged me yet again, knowing my laziness and yet a desire to keep this blog going. I have been asked to write of a few of my favorites ..kinda difficult that …mmmm.. here we go:

1. Baking: I like my baking, I like my cooking. I find it very relaxing to fiddle around with recipes and try new foods and new things and ofcourse binge on then alone and with friends.

2.  A good book and a quiet afternoon: A good book can be anything, but a lazy sunny afternoon is the perfect time to indulge in the book, preferably with a stash of oranges…ahh the bliss.

3. Getting wet in the rain: the moment it starts raining, I start itching to go out into it and get soaking wet to the bone, there is just something about rain water running down my nose.

4.  Long runs: I hate getting up early, but I also love me a long run. I feel zen like and achy breaky and pretty much useless for the rest of the day, but I do enjoy that moment (rare) that you feel like you can run forever and never ever have to stop.

5.  Spinning: umm, another workout favorite, another sweaty class but great fun.

6. Blogs: my daily dose of blogs on my feedlist. Its the first thing I check every morning and keep checking through the day…they are my fix of thoughts and ideas.

7. People watching: sitting alone in a coffee shop, watching people, specially cafe coffee day in indore, by the glass wall and watching people park cars..i know ..very strage..but bliss.

8. Conversations with friends, about nothing and everything, loads of laughter, arguments, food and music.

9. Gardens: thanks to my summer job, I now know and adore plants and taking care of a garden. unfortunately I have also started weeding beds that have no relation to me, random flower beds that I am standing next know..outside a food joint or something..but i also noitce landscaping much more!

10. Beaches and the sea: It just calls my name! The freedom to walk along the water, sometimes letting the waves take little licks off me, miles and miles of deserted beaches, preferably non sandy, like certain parts of the coast in Maharashtra.

These are a few of my favorites and my apologies for such a long gap. I have been travelling, which involved beaches! yay! and I proposed! yay! another step to that phd 😀

Also I wrote this post a while back..just reading it made me think, so I will process and get back to you…hopefully sooner than later! ta!