Well I decided to exceed expectations and write 2 blogs for this month…gasp..aint you proud of moi? Just a quick update, life is good, work and running rule as usual, research is trundling along..thats about all. Yes, still a significant absence of men and lesser so of good friends.

I also got two new plants, a coleus and a hoya..both from my boss at work. One is doing well and the other, I am waiting for it to sprout roots so that it can be replanted. Instead of becoming a cat lady in my old maid future, id be a plant woman..sounds much less conspicous to me..nobody will do a feature on a woman wit 120 plants in her house, but 120 cats draw attention for sure.

On another note, I was at the public library today and ran into a friend/collegue. He asked the usual question..oh, what are you reading. I looked down upon the books in my hand (not far to look, the pile was high), and said..umm nothing and everything. I am pretty eclectic about my reading, prefer light reading to heavy, fiction to nonfiction, funny to serious, chicklit to changing the world. Barely ever do I read self help. Books on running and these days cookbooks fascinate me. I baked some blueberry scones yesterday….yummy goodness. So here is my current reading list, that is the books I issued today.

1. Chocolate & Zuchinni : Adventures in a parisian kitchen by Clotilde Dusoulier this is also the blog I follow, if you look at my reading list. She is also the same whos blog caused a demise of my key board at work last summer due to excessive drooling.

2. Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book : This is essential reading, I swear. It is recipes by fruit. Two reasons for this bare neccesity. A. I like dessert and fruit is healthy. WHat? Orange cake isnt healthy you say, oh cmon.. and B. I go a liitle crazy in the fruit aisle, so currently my fridge is home to watermelon, apples, oranges, nectarines, cherries, blueberries and strawberries, some action needs to be taken.

3. Sly Moves: umm this is sylvester stallone’s workout book. People swear by know the current governer of California. Me likes sylvester. I just dosed on Rocky movies, I love them for the fights and the training sequences. Eye of the tiger is a permanent fixture on my running list.

4. If Today Be Sweet: ha, gotcha, no this is not a cookbook, but instead is a  rare indian author book. A recent release too by the look of it. As a rule I dont enjoy indian authors, but this sounds promising. Will let you know how it turns out.

5. Crazy for you by Jennifer Cruise. Ahh the thin line between chick flick and serious romance. Fun reading for a rainy afternoon at work 😀

6. Real women dont wear size 2. Chick lit again, no need to wonder why the title got me. I looove paperbacks that hide in the bag, ready at a moment’s notice.

7. The fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett. I never have enough of him. And this is on a second reading. I wis I could find more in town, but no luck. Funny, satirical and just great humor and ofcourse sci-fi…whoops did i just put you off?

8. The long run by  Leo Furey. Random choice due to title. Lets see what happens, sounds promising.

There you have my list, now tell me what it says about me 😀 and tell me what you are reading currently. And I will see you same place, another boring day at work, till then toodle-o



  1. hmmmmm…so so diff from anything that i’d read!

    May be a tag is a good idea…we shall put up our list soon!

  2. u have been tagged…go see

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