longish time no see


been busy, been  tired, been lazy been me! hence the absence

Work is good, summer is gorgeous, not too hot, rainy and unfortunately humid at times. Running is good too..about 9 miles long runs right now, feels good and powerful. As I have continued to increase my running mileage every week and as I do my summer job I realize there is so little respect I give to my poor body. These fat legs that I gripe about can run 20 miles a week and do two spinning classes and some kickboxing for a good measure.  I can weed, hoe and rake all day long and run in the evening, the only side effect being a very sleepy and tired me! Ohhh how I need my sleep! Learning to appreciate my body these days and how healthy it is, it may not be skinny, but it sure is fit!

Summer is almost over too…ohh why does summer come to an end! how I pity people who have to work all year long, unlike sudents…hmm unconcious reason for doing a PhD? to have 3 months off every year? whoops then I would never get done

I have no more thoughts..I am blank, and very very sleepy and it is just 9:30. I promise to update more when I am more awake and can actually string a couple of sentences together!

more later




  1. was wondering where you disappeared! 20 miles a week. wow. i am speechless. again wow!! no fun being skinny. have tried everything to get legs from fat to healthy – so much so that the whole body hurts – but there is no visible change – looks like the only thing that will work is running. sigh. must run.

    summer..ummm..it is cold and grey and raining and depressing here. the only place in the world where rain is any fun is india. if it weren’t for the monsoons what would our poor shayars write about??

    as for gardening…even the few plants that managed to survive at home are sick and tired of the cold and the rain and have given up. can’t say i blame them.

    oh what i wouldn’t give for garam chai and piping hot bhajiye right now.

  2. that’s a lot of running girl! I want latest pictures…ok?

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