Fair warning


Thought I should warn you. I have been on a break and am now back. New and Improved, new and slightly demented. Focused on so any things that some say that I am bound to fail. I need to do so many things to just survive and to keep my brain running smoothly.

So here’s the deal. In the next 6 weeks, I finish my thesis draft. Quite doable, as only superficial changes remain, the main work is done. In the next 6 weeks, I am also going to revamp my eating habits and in the next 16 months I will train for a half marathon. Its quite a lot, you say? Well all of the above should be mutuallt exclusive and I am determined to think only of these three things with equal priorities. I have woken up and am not smelling any roses. The roses need watering to bloom. I told ya I was demented.

Why? Because there has been enough dilly dallying and enough playing around and enough waiting for things to happen. Now things need to happen FAST. The only way is to keep myself busy and just DO IT. The capitals are to convince myself taht I can do it. So whats the plan?

I am an expert plan maker, in school I used to make these beautiful plans, study for 3 hours, take 30 minutes break. The result? 30 minutes studying and about 4 hours of reading something..ahem..more fun!! But things have changed, I generally stick to my plans. And I have decided that stick to my plans I will and I will finish what I have begun, namely all three above.

so for the grace of god go I

 1. Finish my draft: I will make the changes I am asked to make every week and do something extra as well. I will also finish the creation of the online survey as well as do whatever is asked of me..repeat afetr me : grad students have no ego, grad students are vermin crawling on the ground, grad students have achieved zen because they can take it all, chamipions accept pain, changes to thesises and never complain. Repeat as many times as neccesary.

2. Revamp eating habits: I have gotten a bit complacent, eating a little more here and a lot more there and definately unjustly justifying consumption of cheesecakes etc. So i have adopted the “NO CHOICE” plan. This is essentially to plan everything I will eat the next day and stick to it, down to the last breath and in the face of cheesecake and chinese.  Can I do it? I knows not, I think I can, but time will tell. I promise to report to my faithful readers as to whether I stuck to it or not. I will add another page to my blog and report there..please be encouraging..pretty please?

3. Train for a half- marathon : This is probably the easiest thing for me. I am already spinning 3 times a week, all I need is some serious running the otehr three days. Friday is my day of rest. I claim it to be mine 😀 . So I will follow the runner’s world training program and be ready to run a half marathon by July 2007 and a full one by october 2007.  Just a matter of maths and sticking to it. If you want weekly reports you just have to ask!

Why am I putting this on my blog? This is kind of like throing my hat over the proverbial fence. I feel more accountable and I also report to all you guys out there which makes it less easy to make excuses. So will be reporting food everyday and will also be reporting runs weekly and other sundry stuff as life continues. I iwll add another page for the food and runs. All this begins from monday the 26 of march. I am super exited 😀 and I am super scared as well. If I dont do it, I will also have to pay for it by losing face and self esteem. SO heres to a new and improved Directions!


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  1. “grad students have no ego, grad students are vermin crawling on the ground, grad students have achieved zen because they can take it all, champions accept pain, changes to thesises and never complain. Repeat as many times as neccesary.”


    Lunch…yeah…let’s definitely set a date. Before my proposal defense so that you can help me find zen before I’m sent through the fire:)

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