tags AGAIN!!

ahh goody, I have wrested a tag yet again, am I only person who very guitilty enjoys tags? (psst dont tell anyone, its one of my baser desires ;))

Chandni jee got me to do 10 things from the letter A, so here , Ladies and Gentlemen, please, your thunderous applause to all the things, bright and beautiful from A, phew, atleast 10 of them:

Almonds: Ofcourse I had to start with food, would it have made sense any other way? My second favorite nut, the first bieng pecan. But, yeah a Kashi trail bar with almonds is heaven when you forget lunch!

Amazon: If food is involved can books be far behind? One of favorite sites to trawl when I have nothing better to do, and when I do have something better to do but am procrastinating..mm..is there a synonym of procrastination that starts with A?

Asimov: My all time favorite author, he is where I started reading science ficton and became a die hard fan of all thing called alternative fantasy, including but not limited to SF, Jeffery Ford, Wheel of Time, etc etc

Arrivals: I know, strange choice of words, but my favorite part of the airport, coming back, bringing some one back, waiting, the anticipation, muccch better than departures, specially when you know thats the last you will see of mom and dad for the next 2 years.

Aerobic activity: What? I know, true deviant I am aint I, first liking tags then saying I like working out..fine I admit it, I love working out and if you have noticed two of the headers up there, that beautiful thing that I have created in pink, are bout working out. And as I write this, am all sweaty, smelly and on top the world because I have just finished a spinning workout, where my heart rate went up to about 95% of its max and that rocked! yeah! workout!! Another that I love is running..umm this will convert into a post by itself so lets move on shall we?

Amrika: ofcourse I like it, I live here, not that I dont like a country that starts with “I”..ends with A actually, but that is not liking, that is love, a very fierce love, this for America namely US of A..fine I cheated, is liking, a more that mild, slightly sweet, slightly tart liking for a nation where I have lived for 3 years, learnt how to run, was brought down a peg or four and have understod myself much better!

Assinine: one of my favorite word to use to describe my own and other people’s behavior. I know I know, I am running outta things!!

AMOS: you knew i’d run out of things to say! but this is currently my favorite stats software, easy to use, with nice interface and intuitive buttons, mucchh better than LISREL which I probably didnt spell right either.

Ayn Rand: Much touted as the must read, everytime ou say Ayn Rand, everyone nods their wisely and syas they adorreee it. Well, I do too, I dont adore it, I probably have thought a lot about it, and seen the flaws in her writing as well, but think about it, its motivating Sceince Ficton, though we never see it as such, but that’s what she wrote, science fiction! BUt yeah I do believe some of it as tenets of a good life. I sense another blog building..move on

Airplanes: I love flying, more than flying, I love the takeoffs and landings, the thrust of power, gives me quite a rush, but sitting on my tush for 30 hours, aint that tough? ..i tried rythming..didnt work did it?

Adernaline:  the rush when you finish a blog and like what you wrote: If you want a tag, leave a comment..any takers? Madamon? I thought you needed inspiration? Mayur? lemme know..for now adios, ohhh that began with a too..hehe



  1. MADMON…!

    nice nice! inspiration……..yeah seems like i need a hellotavit!

  2. hmm lets give you the letter I then, shall we 😀
    ten things starting with I

  3. ooops, i totally put my comment on the wrong post. hahaha. can you delete that for me? haha. anyway, i just said, what a nerd–AMOS actually made it to your list! hahahahah

  4. hehe..amelia, I am a nerd and your understanding the nerdness makes you a suspect nerd!
    does that mean you want a letter? hmmm..
    how about D?

  5. Thanks!! You are kind. 🙂

  6. gosh! pretty complicated stuff man!

    i mean..mine is frivilous in comparison 😀

  7. no complications sweety..only a very very tired mind! and me likes yours better anyways!

  8. and link up my name to the blog bhai..

    cant let go of free publicity! 😀

  9. uhoh..we apologise medam! sorry medam galti ho gayi..abhi kar dete hai!

  10. Why A?

  11. do not ask questions for which there are no answers…now thats a direction to go in 😉

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