the ghost of year past


A clean slate,

wiped clean by the ticking of the clock,

freedom to begin anew

to continue on the same path made harder by twisted resolutions

regrets of things undone, overdone and burnt

haunt this ghost of 2006

yet hints of happiness shine through,

for achievements I once thought impossible

Moments of sanity, new resolutions

all rare and fleeting

I can but hope to do what I had resolved to

and hope that I have the power to

fill the ghost of year future with more happiness and

lesser regerts of things and people undone , overdone or burnt from.

Happy New Year..very philosophical of me and unusual to write poetry, but may this year be everything you wished for!



  1. Happy New Year!

  2. @ venom: to you too.! hope it rocks!

  3. Have a super 2007.
    I’m back. Again.

  4. Here’s to “fill the ghost of year future with more happiness” – Happy New Year, Disha!

    There is something so intrinsically wonderful about writing a poem which is heartfelt. Loved it!

  5. Girl, happy new year! It’s been too long since our last lunch date. I envy you the chance to go home–but yet, I know exactly what you mean about the trip being bittersweet:) Anyway, we’ve got to meet up soon. Life’s crazy right now, but we’ll take our chances on a respite! hehehehe

  6. @deppe: super 😀

    @ Indira: Thanks much! I used to write more peotry as a emotional teenager..thank god thats over now!

    @amelia: lady we need that lunch for sure, it has been too long!

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