bored or just?

Chandni left this tag open and I decided to indulge, not bored but just trying verrry  hard to avoid some work.

So, here by the grace of god go I:

The song you have been humming all afternoon: humming today..eeps..but the most played song this week and every week is Billy Joel “I go to extremes” :

” Darling I don’t know why I go to extremes
Too high or too low there ain’t no in-betweens
And if I stand or I fall
It’s all or nothing at all”

The weirdest thing you’ve ever done: This is a very hard tag you know, the weirdest thing would be to actually mistake a cow for an elephant and tell my mom, hey look a baby elephant, and she ofcourse gives me a strange look and says thats a BROWN cow.   Another would be bieng the only sober person and the only girl in a party of 30 guys, all sloshed.

Your very first crush, do you still like them or even remember them –   How would I ever forget, my mom read my dairy so ofcourse I get teased about it even now, and NO I dont like him anymore, he was the creepy guy that I never understood why I liked in the first place.

What do you do and do you find it interesting:  I am in the business of psychology..namely industrial/org. behavior and I am lovin’ it :D..will get paid someday hopefuly if i graduate

Committed or single: Proudly, thankfully and very maddeningly single and quite happy that way except for the occasional senti movie bump in the road.

 Cloud 9 moment: dancing on stage and doing something totally unexpected over which the audience went wild, I can close my eyes and hear the applause.

The weirdest person you came across today: ahh there’s the rub, been avoiding human contact all day.

 How’s your mood: Sunny, with 50% chances of showers and blasts of rains, a little chilly with gusts of warm wind, completely unpredictable.

Last movie you saw: About A boy, sweet flick and Hugh Grant is so hot.

Last book you read: Maskerade , Terry Pratchett, two weeks ago, on plane from London to US, and currently Structural Equation Modelling using AMOS, so goes the semester.

What do you think of yourself: Roller coaster with  many highs and lows , some scratches and cliffhangers garunteed

One word for the person who tagged you: nobody did..but for Chandni: kindered spirit 😉

Ever fallen in love? How does it feel? Good question: best anwered by all the romantic songs out there, enjoy.

Help yourself and tell the world about you, the captivating world of AMOS calls my name.


of sonwmen and friends

snow time

I have been wanting to write this post for a while now, and have ended up with a series of drafts which are equivalent to crumpled up pieces of paper where I havent been able to say what I wanted to.

To the left is the picture of the snowman we made, the entire gang of friends I fondly refer to as the “madness”. I have never been a gang person. Always been on the fringes, never knowing, never finding out whats going on, never knowing when to laugh and when to keep my mouth shut. For the first time in my life, I am part of a homogenous group of friends none of who center around any one person, lack of anyone does not make us fall apart and all of us have our own personal ties with each other. Whats so unusual about this, you might wonder, but this is something we all quest for, the fitting in with no questions asked, feeling a belongingness and feeling grounded.

I feel grounded, I feel secure with this warm bunch, all of nerds xtreme to the extent that we start talking research in the middle of a joke, all from different areas geographically and academically. All crazy and all wanting the same thing, I think, a sense that we belong. I have this now, I feel secure in the warmth of the knowledge that if I leave town for a few days, I wont come back to find that everyone turned against me, to find myself on the fringes again, because all we want is some fun and fun doesnt mean cliches, it doesnt mean saying you are my best friend and she is not, it does not mean rejecting someone and taking up with another one. It means crazy laughter over coffee, zany accusations and drama and constant teasing along with watchful eyes so as to not tread over sensitive points.

I thought I was the only one who felt this from my friends, but later realised that am not alone, all of us feel that to some extent, some worry about it getting over, others cherish it, as for me, I can finally work, say no when I want to and yes when I want to without any fear and bask in the warmth of friendship. Here’s to friends who make snowmen with curves and waists 😀

the ghost of year past


A clean slate,

wiped clean by the ticking of the clock,

freedom to begin anew

to continue on the same path made harder by twisted resolutions

regrets of things undone, overdone and burnt

haunt this ghost of 2006

yet hints of happiness shine through,

for achievements I once thought impossible

Moments of sanity, new resolutions

all rare and fleeting

I can but hope to do what I had resolved to

and hope that I have the power to

fill the ghost of year future with more happiness and

lesser regerts of things and people undone , overdone or burnt from.

Happy New Year..very philosophical of me and unusual to write poetry, but may this year be everything you wished for!