who says you cant go home


I am home and feeling completely at home. Here is a list of things I have discovered about bieng in India:

1. Nothing else in this world except an Indian fashion brand can make you feel ugly and fat in one whole second, specially when combined with condescending saleswomen who are sure that you can’t afford it anyways, so why bother selling

2. Air India is an airline that needs complete overhaul, specially forcing me to watch lage raho munnabhai and khosla ka ghosla …no you cannot turn it off and you cannot watch anything esle.

3. Pune traffic is worse everytime I visit and the city loses its charm even more, yet Pune is the first city i left home for and where i had my irst job, so it is special still.

4. Coming back is also bitter sweet, with parents looking a little bit older, a little more worn and me a little more used to having my opinion heard and therefore not ready to go back to the child role again. A battle of a different sort.

5. I can still drive on the left side of the road, my problem is with the indicators which are on the right of the steering rather than the left, hence the use of windshield wipers too often 😀

6. Too many friends have grown up, left town, become AWOL and sadly too many that I dont anything left to say too. Some have been very very close, but times have changed and so have we.

7. Yet friends still remian with whom I can pick up as if I have never been away, funnily these are the rfiends who neveer mail..yet they still know me better than others who stay in touch.

8. Even though we have moved from the house where I grew up, home is where mom is, it doesnt matter. Yet, going back to that place is like a gatway through time, where all of us drop our masks and become kids again and if someone asks me about the US, for a minute I go blank, not remebering that I ever went away, that I am no longer a school kid, lounging around with friends rejoicing in a holiday. THat I am a visitor and that tomorrow is ot school but work for most of us.

9. I still enjoy the roadside food and I still have my immunity..no sireee am no softy, Am still a proud, roadside pani poori eating, honking, swerving, swearing driver and someone who feels a certain amount of relief at taking off the burden of bieng the representative of my nation and go back to bieng a part of the swirling masses

10. It saddens me, how american wannabe we are becoming over time, i would still rather have a banjo or a kebab roll rather than an oreo shake..but thats just me.

11. I got me an accent and it is purely for impressiong and making people jealous and putting them in their place..i can still speak ghaati, desi hindi and be one with the boys who stayed home..kya?

12. I havent done any work on my thesis but that was to be expected to some extent, but no work??

13. I like this number, but this time Iwish the 13th pf january never comes, because then I will go back to my life of strife!

14. Gong back to the beginning..qho says you cant go home..bon jovi ji..I dont think you can ever go home, because everyplace you go leaves you incomplete, I see shadows of manhattan in India and sometimes I see India in manhattan..both are a part of me and both are home to a different part of me, and home is like the river, you can never step into the same river twice and you will never come back to what you imagined. On this slighlty not so fun note, I end this long post! You have a fun xmas and a good new year..turn over a new leaf and all that!



  1. “A Battle of a different sort”!!! So true!!!

    😀 😀 that for the windshield wipers point! Laughed out Loud!!

    Nice to hear you’ve saved your immunity unlike the firangs who eternally hang out around with their “Bisleris”!!

    13th of Jan…that’s a pretty short vacation girl!! Atleast, when you’re travelling across the world!!

  2. Go Disha!!! Mere hisse ki chaat bhi kha kar aana 😀 And then I will feel good 🙂

  3. @ venom: i know..vacy is almost over..sob..sob!
    @purva: aaj hum chappan gaye the..aapki yaad bhi aayi thi 😀

  4. nice post babe!!!!

    Good to hear u have immunity…somehow desis falling ill promptly after coming to India annoy me big time
    ! How can you??


  5. I guess the part about falling sick has little to do with immunity and more to do with volumes. I used to fall sick with a certain well-documented stomach disorder every time I came home from Bombay so ….

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