i am busy..but I need to write, so here are some exceprts from my life and things at large. As you will notice my life is extremely narrow and rather limited to my interests, which are limited anyways.

A) the semester ends in 2 weeks and two weeks hence, on this day, I will be in a plane, on my way to INDIA!! I wil also be tired, in an extremely bad seat and hopeful of making it alive.

B) As you can tell, the impending end of the year has left me tired, busy and basically clawing at the looming walls..ohh no..they are coming closer closer..noooooo

C) I reread Knife of Dreams and again I have a severe itch to read the next part, which ahsnt been written yet. If there is one series that constantly gives you hints and yet keeps you begging for more its the Wheel of Time series. WoT. He has created a world that can sometimes seem more alive and definately much more exiting than our own can ever be. It’s a world that one can believe in, full of power and fighting not for reasons unknown, like  ours is. Yet the eternal question remains..why do we need evil and good..why do we have to define everything in those two terms? Be it a fantasy world or otherwise.

D) I am also looking forward to some good times in India with family and friends. Definately with family, friends are scattered far and wide. I would also like to spend some time just chilling, but I fear mom has too many things lined up for me to do

E) I got 47/50 on a presentation that I thought was complete BS. Which reiforces the fact that procrastination is good. I was watching pyaar ke side effect 12 hours before I presented and I hadnt even read the material yet.

F) Also that I like advertising more than I/O..maybe someday..till then I long for some fun psych-advertising stuff

G) I miss running outside..its way too cold now for that

H) I baked 20 cookies this morning and left them with a note inviting people to indulge. I have only 5 left. Mistake? THe note? You think?

I) My hands hurt. I am going to bed



  1. :))

  2. 🙂

  3. @venom: thanks for the visit..and thanks for the blogroll too!
    @chandni: ke alava bhi kuch to kahiye! ye to badi mysterious smile ho gayi!

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