like a flood

And its all coming back to me now…

Orkut or chirkut as it is fondly known, can reunite you with people. Sometimes by force with people you’d rather never hear from and sometimes suddenly and surprisingly with people who you didnt remember you needed to hear from. At otehr times suddenly and with thrilling surprise and a few missed heart beats to hear from someone who you have missed in every part of you. The third is yet to happen, till then I can sneak looks at the profile and wait till the storm settles down, compose messages that I never send, funny scraps that remain only scraps of paper.

But back to the other two. They have happened. part I more so than the second. Being someone who hates hurting other people’s feelings …because I am a sensitive soul myself whose feelings have been trodden upon..hey stop laughing at that…sniff..I am sensitive. That thick skin is scar tissue. So someone will message full of enthusiasm etc, and I will reply back with equal enthusiasm and feverent wishes of dont message me again I know not what to say to you except..”aur kya chal raha hai?”

Less frequently I come across old lost friends who I havent thought of for ages but whose memories form an intricate part of my life. And they all come flooding back with an ease and flow that is frightening. one glimpse and I can close my eyes and transport myself back to those school days and feel and see the events as they unfolded. Remember the closeness, the crazyness, the fights, the lights and the time. We bury our memories so deep, after having drifted apart, sometimes with time and sometimes by forced parting of distances and misunderstandings. Why do we even forget those people? And then we look for something we know not, not  knowing it is the old we need.

Maybe time can do some favors, go back, distance too, become lesser than these interminable miles so that words can be taken back and lean out to touch and bring those happy times to us again. The smile, the helpless endless giggles, the long conversations, pigtails and friendships  that declared freinds forever.

Like a flood they come, the memories, unstoppable, undammable and unbidden.