a new set of favorites

On the eve of my blog’s first birthday, I have decided to do a post on favorites.  This blog or rather its predececcor (sic) had began by the misnomer “these are a few of my favorite things” where I talked about all things senti in my first post, based upon the song “these are a few of my favorite things” ..now that I said it twice, you are destined to hum it through the rest of the day..muhhhhhaaaaa.

anyways, senti favorites aside (I have been getting flak anyways for the senti nature of my posts) I decided to do a post on my gadget favorites. all of them my loves and all of them come first in my life.

1. my green-not-so-new-scratched-ipod mini: The first thing I brought in the USof A (sniff sniff) all the rage, all the envy and perfectly green. Today, not so green, completely passe and completely full of music, some of which I havent heard for a long while yet hesistate to delete. It is awesome listening to podcasts and run through the park on a cool fall morning..what a feeling! (here is another song for your addiction pleasure)

2. my pretty wide screen compaq-RS- series lappy. It is cool, it is also heavy, about 8 pounds. Doesnt sound like a lot I know, but when you carry it from US to India and enroute london, believe me , its a lot. I almost left it in an airport somewhere but didnt because that would have dieprived you of this bloggy…I hope the laptop isnt listening..no baby..mama loves you the way you are, heavy is fine, no need to drop any applications.

3. mm..chronologically..next possession would be my car, since i have already waxed lyrical about it to so many people and in so many posts in this blog, I dont think I need to do it again. Only that it gives me athrill of pride, a touch of ownership and a frission of pleasure, everytime I drive it, sit in it, and show it to people for the first time. It is perfect and it is mine. Just mine. preciouuusssssss…

4. Then came the need to transfer the world to memories,I had been agaisnt digital cameras, because to me they always represented the careless photographer who can waste precious shots just because he can. But the desire to take a lot of pictures..none of which come up to my standards..and the lure of this materialistic world..ladies and gentlemen we presnet the Canon S2, whereof so many of the pcitures that many sets of parents/gfs/bfs/brothers/sisters/uncles/aunties/friends/enemies in india and elsewhere enjoy. I am glad I got it because the pleasure it gives me is made tenfold by the pleasure it gives my friends, who enjoy it and it is a standard  fixture at all our parties.

5. well the camera and the car left me quite broke. Uh..the car more so than the camera..so my latest gadget is what my mom got me for my “happy bday”. A heart rate monitor 😀 ..fun fun fun..I have been obsessively checking my heart rate..uhh..while working out..not all the time. So much so that my spinning instructor almost went into hysterics..ohh well..it is fun and very educational to see that even if you think you are not working hard, well you are. It also enhances the level of workout a notch or two and that was what i needed quite badly!

well thats my list of favorite gadgets. Gadgets have come to define us so much. The human desire for an upgrade, for status, for flashy ol me..look at me desires are fulfilled by gadgets

Then again there are the technologically challenged. Sometimes I wonder if they are the ones misssing out on the world or am I ? Because maybe a early morning run would be better wth the songs of birds rather than techno funk, maybe writing letters would be more cherishable and less forgettable than the desultory email and still a photo tacked up on my wall from years ago is much better than the thousands on my laptop that i barely even notice. But still they are my gadgets and they define who I have become and will remain. A woman of the 21st century.



  1. Then again there are the technologically challenged….are you talking abt me by any chance??

  2. ummm..uh…i think its ur guilty concience :D..i didnt say nothing 😀

  3. grrrrrrrrrrr thought as much 😀

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