a post on posts

its been a while, I know but things got outta hand again, currently am the hamster on the wheel, barely keeping up..though this is more like a treadmill which just keeps going and going and going..pant pant wipe sweat

But yesterday was my happy birthday and fun was had by all :D..except at times me because eggs were broken on my head and I also had candles that said “24” stuck to my forehead at some point of the evening..so it wasnt all good.

Its so nice to have people with whom you can share an evening and feel fullfilled and not feel any pressure, these friends are exactly that and I dont feel my old age atall :D..

I also post sometimes at the Vattier Daily..so if you are a kstater or know of my association with its various student associations then you may enjoy some of the heated debates that go on there.

I somehow do not have anything interesting to talk about except research (which scares me). Ahh something interesting! When you grade student papers, you realize how much professors must have laughed at your blatant effort to get some marks out of nothing at all..all fluff and no substance. I often get such gems and have now sincerely decided to not write answers when I dont know nothing! I can also now understand why they stressed so much on handwriting, because sometimes even unknowingly I am so happy to see a legible hand in a sea of chicken scratches on paper, that the student is more likely to get better marks. I gaurd against it ofcourse but it is tempting!!

I have also learnt that bieng nice to the TA helps. Well it helps the TA atleasr..hehehe…and it will come back to you one day! So be nice to a TA and it will come back to you.

ps: the reason for this post is that I am avoiding working on a looooooonnnng presentation that I am making tomorrow. Nope I havent started yet. Yeps I’ll get it done..umm..hopefully!

and my commentors…where did thou go? I miss having comments it used to motivate me .

more later about food!

keep checking and ahem..comment



  1. Hi there. And, Happy Birthday. Old age!!?? Who’r you kidding! Not only that you are too young to be even taken very seriously!!!

    Thanks for the visit, and I occasionally write about other things…there is a lot to obsess about, the dismal state of the country (India), the dismal state of the environment (world), and the dismal state of politics (world??). Come again.

    Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books ever. And it has nothing to do with ‘child’ literature…but you knew that.

    Good luck on the presentation. Been there…

  2. Happy birthday.
    Stop fretting. 24 candles are not numerous enough to be fire hazards

  3. Hi Disha,

    Belated birthday wishes and a happy and shubha Deepavali!

  4. @ anita: thanks much..i did post in detail on ur page 😀
    @ deppe:uhh 24 is a huge number
    @ indira: thanks much for stopping by

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