Cant help it, psychology takes over the world at times. Currently am doing cognitive psych..which I like, but currently I am not really enjoying the way it is taught. It is a fascinating area but uh, could be more fun , if you get my drift?

But still in class he mentioned something that totally got the attention of my wandering brain like the bell ringing gets pavlov’s dog. I didnt salivate or anything but I did churn out this post whatever it counts for..

So the theory is that “reading” has been found to be similar in nature to self hypnotism. People lose their sense of reality and have a different perception of the world arund them. Which got me thinking, is my extreme absorption in books mean that im a druggie? If you have ever been in the same room with me and a good book, you know that I don’t hear you, see you or notice your giberish…ahh now i know why the men in my life..aahhh (lightbulb switches on) , so am I living in this alternate world because I need to hide from the real world?

hmm..too much analysis? But could be true, looking at my choice of books. I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction which most serious readers dislike. Why? because they see it as nonsensical and firovolous. I beleive the greater things in life are all sciene fiction. SF comes closer to real life and psychology of the world as we know it than anything else. Why?

It is nly science fiction and fantasy that explores all the people in your walls, hidden inside your closet and brings to the fore peoples’ reaction to events and circumstances. All books do that, but what other than science fiction puts man on the moon and wonders whether they will turn the gravity off for an hour so that we can fly. BTW they do turn the gravity off for an hour a week and yes I would like to live on such a planet. Please book one for me

And what brought this lecture on, you my dear reader ask, a awesome writer who has recently begun to haunt my world with his, the two seem to blend without even an eyeblink. Jeffery Ford. Boy, he is goooood. and yes my desire to hide from the world.

Readers of the that your office or your work or your world you are hiding from when reading this blog? Then take some biblophiliac’s help and you shalt hide better. Comments?


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  1. ‘Transportation’ can be real fun..a bit complicated too..good to know that you find it interesting…if you really like the topic,PSC ,presence and IIs will excite you to death..

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