aise hi

here is a bit of trivia and a look into my life.

1. Why is everyone so surprised when I say we in psychology hav  to do a LOT of statistics. Infact we must be one of th biggest appliers/consumers of statistics ?

Probably because people see psychology as a face reading /mind reading/shit, you know all my secrets kinds of thing. As an aside, it is brilliant watching the look on the faces of a couple of desi engineers when I say I am in psychology. There are only two types of responses, Freud huh, smirk smirk and the second response being ohhh so you can read my face (inside mind, shit shit shit, she knows what I did last summer) My child Freud is passe and to second, I know what you did last summer only if you havent been veherry discreet or ahem, in a fit of guilt you confessed it all.

So  here is a very well done funny video on the use of stats and how and why psych students always cry over it. It is also mathematical, so be warned ye math-o-phobes and shoot me I am a nerd..isnt that great? Coming up after the movie.. a look into the life of a TA from behind the scenes.

SO what happens to a TA,

8:00 AM. friday morning: checks email: finds 15 frantic emails about assignment due in class today

8:30 AM finishes answering emails and rushes to class

9:00 AM readies the class technologically, involvng much wheeling of carts, connecting and disconnecting wires and having a class full of undergrads sniggering at TA bieng vertically challenged.

9:30 AM: In class dreaming of lazy saturday, and professor decides extra assignment and a pop quiz, dreams shattered, replaced by nightmares of piles of grading.

Monday morning

8:00 AM: 25 frantic emails saying they cant see their grades and demanding their grades be put up so that they can enjoy the rest of their day.

9:00 AM post grades

10:00 AM 35 frantic emails as to why o why did I not get any points for my beautifully crafted answer. Uh because the question was on stats and you were explaining discrimination?

11:00 AM lack of emails from all those people who neevr wrote their name on the test/ I supposed to carry them around till they angrily emial me, I was in class and I never get my grades, you must be very careless, uh, did you write your name, god/ess of carefulness?

12:00 Noon: almost end of office hours, a student walks in just to chat and butter up, want to say, only amul butter..but can’t student may sue me for butter discrimination

sigh..its only the beginning

ps: greatest quote ever:

“Due to budget cuts , the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off” comments people?



  1. Most of the stat stuff I used were actually found to be in wide use in psychology. So no surprises for me there. 🙂

    So I see you are enjoying your TA. 😉 Have a lovely looooooooooong term.

  2. I like to see TAs struggle in tunnels without lights.. they mess my grades!

    Cool video.

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