Sorry, again long time no see, not that anyone is dying to see another post from my rather humdrum, hohum kind of thinking.

School started bringing with it the usual deluge of craziness, a little pain and lots of breathless moments as the weeks pass by with a woosh of papers and typewritter keys. I feel liie I just watch it go past without actually knowing where the days went.

This time I am teaching , Taing actually for a class that scared me to death 2 years ago, and if I had been blogging then would have been a constant nightmare. It is over , or so I thought, but it is back for the second round, with me as the TA. Poor kids. Its funny sometimes, this stuff is finally making sense to me, because the pressure is gone or because I have half understood more advanced concepts?

You know what else is funny, the students, I have never been in a position of power. I have been the one people smile and go back to their conversation when I enter the room. Now there is a perfect silence when I come in and eyes follow my progress through the room. It un-nerved me to begin with, its not like my social calender is overflowing, so I need all the friends I can get, but now its fun, I smile mysteriously and crack some gum, which, by their reaction is like a whip crack. ahh welll…smile smile munch munch

Recently there has also been a deluge of parties, of people coming in and others going out. The ones going out will be missed, I will try to stay in touch..but life usually cancels most of my plans. I used to be good at this, lost it along the way I guess. Of the people coming in, ahh well, being older in the bunch is a very strange feeling, never been older that most of the people around me. So fun is doing assinine things like trying to scare roommates sleeping alone at home…ugh…what am I desending too? (secrectly enjoying the drama) But they bring something new and take away some old pain. So partying has been taking up mucho time. Its all good, keeps me from thinking too much, thinking never helped, thinking was the trouble, but habits die hard, they say. 



  1. that is such a “you” post!!!

    I shall say no more 🙂

  2. As the bard said “It is neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.”

  3. So you have been away too. I also see that before you left you had tagged me 🙂 Alright, will take it up after I finish the task I have set myself. Have fun teaching. And dont give those poor kids a hard time!

  4. @chandni: thanku medam..please define “me” to me someday

    @deppe: eggjactly

    @anu: oohh goody you are back, I hate blog summer breaks 😦

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