Cant help it, psychology takes over the world at times. Currently am doing cognitive psych..which I like, but currently I am not really enjoying the way it is taught. It is a fascinating area but uh, could be more fun , if you get my drift?

But still in class he mentioned something that totally got the attention of my wandering brain like the bell ringing gets pavlov’s dog. I didnt salivate or anything but I did churn out this post whatever it counts for..

So the theory is that “reading” has been found to be similar in nature to self hypnotism. People lose their sense of reality and have a different perception of the world arund them. Which got me thinking, is my extreme absorption in books mean that im a druggie? If you have ever been in the same room with me and a good book, you know that I don’t hear you, see you or notice your giberish…ahh now i know why the men in my life..aahhh (lightbulb switches on) , so am I living in this alternate world because I need to hide from the real world?

hmm..too much analysis? But could be true, looking at my choice of books. I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction which most serious readers dislike. Why? because they see it as nonsensical and firovolous. I beleive the greater things in life are all sciene fiction. SF comes closer to real life and psychology of the world as we know it than anything else. Why?

It is nly science fiction and fantasy that explores all the people in your walls, hidden inside your closet and brings to the fore peoples’ reaction to events and circumstances. All books do that, but what other than science fiction puts man on the moon and wonders whether they will turn the gravity off for an hour so that we can fly. BTW they do turn the gravity off for an hour a week and yes I would like to live on such a planet. Please book one for me

And what brought this lecture on, you my dear reader ask, a awesome writer who has recently begun to haunt my world with his, the two seem to blend without even an eyeblink. Jeffery Ford. Boy, he is goooood. and yes my desire to hide from the world.

Readers of the that your office or your work or your world you are hiding from when reading this blog? Then take some biblophiliac’s help and you shalt hide better. Comments?


side kicks

if you thought this was a techie post, begone, because it is not. This is about superhero sidekicks. All good superhero’s have sidekicks or an alter ego, but every good superhero has a side kick to help put on their underwear over their pants. Its essential, the law of super heros insist upon it. THats why the fate of poor superman, he doesnt have a sidekick so has to wander around wearing two sets of clothes. If you think I will go on in this inane vein, you could be right and you are probably wrong. 

The sidekick I am thinking about is a friend. We all have a friend we consider our sidekick, to help get things in perspective, to make annonymous calls to the cute guy or get his number. If luckily your sidekick is a guy, then get him to become friends with the cute guy and voila..all is set right

DO you have one? And I would say you are doubly blessed if you are your sidekick’s sidekick. It means that both of you are ready to dig the dirt for the other person. I am blest indeed because I have two who I could say fall in that category.

One is so far away and I havent seen her for very long, yet we can spy on each other’s boyfriends and make rude comments about them.

The other has also deserted me recently but while she was here, good times were afoot. Most of my fun times have been with her and quite a few of her’s too. All the exploring, all the craziness we did with only each other knowing that its all ok. Driving into the wrong side of the road, the honking of the scared driver who probably had his life flash before him when he saw the two crazy ladies on HIS side of the road. The exploring of different cities, the extreme urge to pee and nowhere to go and walking into the third largest building in Chicago looking for a loo and find people in chic office attire staring at two rather gurngy looking kids. Running to catch the subway , jamba juice and cheesecake in hand and giggling like mad over the aforementioned jamba juice. Even thinking about all these crazy things makes me..not smile…but laugh..really laugh. Who else could get lost even before hitting the highway to leave town. Who else could you stay with in a cold basement in NJ with a 16 guys on the floor above. Who else could you curse when getting claustrophobic in the NYC times square new years eve? Mark my words people, never go there on new years eve. It is NOT fun. Who else would you go to all the designer stores and take pictures in the changing room. Who else would you eat pizza with in the dark in the middle of city park and once you start driving, know that if this person had been in town, that would have been one major ball too. Being a sidekick is fun and so is having one. Namely friends you can do superhero behaviors with are all good. Find them and keep them , who knows when you will need someone to put on underwear over your pants (or get it off)

aise hi

here is a bit of trivia and a look into my life.

1. Why is everyone so surprised when I say we in psychology hav  to do a LOT of statistics. Infact we must be one of th biggest appliers/consumers of statistics ?

Probably because people see psychology as a face reading /mind reading/shit, you know all my secrets kinds of thing. As an aside, it is brilliant watching the look on the faces of a couple of desi engineers when I say I am in psychology. There are only two types of responses, Freud huh, smirk smirk and the second response being ohhh so you can read my face (inside mind, shit shit shit, she knows what I did last summer) My child Freud is passe and to second, I know what you did last summer only if you havent been veherry discreet or ahem, in a fit of guilt you confessed it all.

So  here is a very well done funny video on the use of stats and how and why psych students always cry over it. It is also mathematical, so be warned ye math-o-phobes and shoot me I am a nerd..isnt that great? Coming up after the movie.. a look into the life of a TA from behind the scenes.

SO what happens to a TA,

8:00 AM. friday morning: checks email: finds 15 frantic emails about assignment due in class today

8:30 AM finishes answering emails and rushes to class

9:00 AM readies the class technologically, involvng much wheeling of carts, connecting and disconnecting wires and having a class full of undergrads sniggering at TA bieng vertically challenged.

9:30 AM: In class dreaming of lazy saturday, and professor decides extra assignment and a pop quiz, dreams shattered, replaced by nightmares of piles of grading.

Monday morning

8:00 AM: 25 frantic emails saying they cant see their grades and demanding their grades be put up so that they can enjoy the rest of their day.

9:00 AM post grades

10:00 AM 35 frantic emails as to why o why did I not get any points for my beautifully crafted answer. Uh because the question was on stats and you were explaining discrimination?

11:00 AM lack of emails from all those people who neevr wrote their name on the test/ I supposed to carry them around till they angrily emial me, I was in class and I never get my grades, you must be very careless, uh, did you write your name, god/ess of carefulness?

12:00 Noon: almost end of office hours, a student walks in just to chat and butter up, want to say, only amul butter..but can’t student may sue me for butter discrimination

sigh..its only the beginning

ps: greatest quote ever:

“Due to budget cuts , the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off” comments people?


Sorry, again long time no see, not that anyone is dying to see another post from my rather humdrum, hohum kind of thinking.

School started bringing with it the usual deluge of craziness, a little pain and lots of breathless moments as the weeks pass by with a woosh of papers and typewritter keys. I feel liie I just watch it go past without actually knowing where the days went.

This time I am teaching , Taing actually for a class that scared me to death 2 years ago, and if I had been blogging then would have been a constant nightmare. It is over , or so I thought, but it is back for the second round, with me as the TA. Poor kids. Its funny sometimes, this stuff is finally making sense to me, because the pressure is gone or because I have half understood more advanced concepts?

You know what else is funny, the students, I have never been in a position of power. I have been the one people smile and go back to their conversation when I enter the room. Now there is a perfect silence when I come in and eyes follow my progress through the room. It un-nerved me to begin with, its not like my social calender is overflowing, so I need all the friends I can get, but now its fun, I smile mysteriously and crack some gum, which, by their reaction is like a whip crack. ahh welll…smile smile munch munch

Recently there has also been a deluge of parties, of people coming in and others going out. The ones going out will be missed, I will try to stay in touch..but life usually cancels most of my plans. I used to be good at this, lost it along the way I guess. Of the people coming in, ahh well, being older in the bunch is a very strange feeling, never been older that most of the people around me. So fun is doing assinine things like trying to scare roommates sleeping alone at home…ugh…what am I desending too? (secrectly enjoying the drama) But they bring something new and take away some old pain. So partying has been taking up mucho time. Its all good, keeps me from thinking too much, thinking never helped, thinking was the trouble, but habits die hard, they say.