Im back, and I have been tagged..eoww that too double tagged for the same post that has been doing the rounds, and I think being double tagged is a double honor, so thanku diwaker and depps  and I will try to be extra thoughtfully gross in this post!

I anyways dont like things that make me take notes and for this one that is what I had to do , so here I go,

I am thinking about my victims for this tag..muhahaha and that I should run a little extra today. I am also avoiding thinking about my master’s thesis, hence the tag .

I said too many things in my head instead of saying them out loud.

I want to scuba dive, spend entire weeks at the beach with a book. What I dont want is the summer to end.

I wish people did less expecting and more accepting.

I hear the wind in the tree outside my window, whispering together like the old friends they are. I also hear the silence of bieng home alone..ahh bliss

I wonder about the birds and the bees, and why the song yellow lemon tree is in my hitherto peaceful head. I also wonder whether there is any hope of the next generation actually having any earth left, very faint that.

I regret: nothing, not even the anger, the hurt and the goodbyes or the lack of them. . Do my best and do what I want, no space for regrets

I am quite lucid sometimes, though rarely. In one of my more lucid moments I wrote this , which is what you have for reference.

I dance whenever wherever. It defines me and completes me and is  as essential part of me as talking is.

I sing never and there are people assigned to make sure I dont ever do it

I cry in all movies including family dramas and while reading books. I unfortunately have lost the capability to cry in real life. So when I want to cry I usually have to find a good book to go with that good cry.

I am not always tough and flinty, I am sissy and needy and soppily sentimental at times, rarely though (rarer than the the ucid moments)

I make with my hands warli paintings, friendship bands, doodles, I doodle all the time. Someone in school once bet me to not doodle during hindi class, in my textbook for the entire year, sadly I lost in the first hour.

I write very bad research proposals. They dont make sense to me also. I write with inkpens (still). I write without editing, hence my blog is always sloppy (I can tell cyberswami’s shivering at the thought of no edits)

I need love, adoration, adulation, people, machines, space, crowds, mysteries, definitions, men, (Actually mysterious men works too) and someone who can write my master’s thesis proposal. Any takers?

I also need victims and their names are:

The Great Ganesha




enjoy (maniacal laugh)



  1. this is quite a dubious honor.

    so what exactly do i have to do?

  2. 🙂 fortunately r unfortunately…could guess them too!!!

    good fun reading though!

  3. “no space for regrets” ???

    Is there a 10-point procedure on how to get to that state?

  4. excellent.

    and don’t worry about the no-editing thingie, its a purely personal predilection for purposeless pruning of prose prior to posting. you do too good a job anyway hehehe.

  5. @gganesha: I think you got it figured by now 😀 waiting for you to actually do it

    @ chandni: hehe, knew that you would 😀 missing ya :((

    @ deppe: regrets, ahh now that is a whole post by itself! Lack of the just reflects my megalomania

    @ cyberswami: ohhh compliments 😀 thanku

  6. […] Recently, I had the dubious honor of being tagged by Directions. It so happens that it occurred right around Bad Poetry Day (plus or minus a day or two). I don’t believe in coincidences, and consider this an omen. Seriously, I do. No, really. […]

  7. What are ‘warli paintings’?

    As for research proposals, just FYI, they rarely make sense to anyone. Period.

  8. Scuba diving seems to be a real passion with you- Make your passion your profession and you may get some of the things you love that you have mentioned towards the end.

  9. Hey…Saw your “Tag” yesterday…What the hell was that??

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