life as a new grad student

scene: Indian chiefs sitting before a fire , drinking beer and eating leftovers from yesterday and laughing
Suddenly the wise chief raises his head, listens to the howling wind, sniffs and say what month is this?
another answers The end of summer- July, He sniffs and raises his hand, everyone falls silent and looks at him. He says, run now before it happens, flee far and wide, they are coming. And with these wise words he takes off himself at the double.
I wish I listened to him, I didnt so I am paying..
who what where, you wonder..I am talking about the latest Indian student invasion on campus, right before the mass migration on 1st august, more commonly known as moving apartments. So here they are, fresh off the plane..or rather freshly stinky off the plane, and wide open eyes to find the miracles of amerika. Some with clear ideas that Manhattan, Kansans is very different from Manhattan NYC and that there are no skyscrapers here. Others more misguided, and from big cities, upset at this little peaceful place.
Some not realizing how much beef they will suddenly start seeing here and that chinese is different from desi chinese..which I miss desperately it all comes down to food dont it?
Comparing prices, the dollar-Rupee conversion, the sudden huddling closer to each other when confrontation by walmart’s giant glory. Then the gleam of shopping in the eyes of the girls, and that of “eh..iski  kya sabzi ban sakta hai” from the guys.
The realization that life in the USofA is not as easy as everyone thinks and definitely not for the unfunded graduate student in a small  place which is fast running out of viable housing, the sizing up of roommates, using inane criteria to decide them and then repenting in the leisure of the year long lease. The moving, the begging for furniture, being lower on the social ladder than you have ever been, if you live you learn, and when you learn you pay for learning the next year
I am doing it now, chauffering, advising, “Adjusting”, cooking (sob) and cleaning and teaching embarrasing things..use your imagination…im not telling you what..look back to your own first days.
But am also enjoying it, recalling what it was like to have no idea what to do next and standing and gaping and trying t be understood and slowly understand that eraser and rubber are not the same thing and you NEVER put your cell phone on “vibrator” you put it in “vibrate” small things. Makes me remember whats it like to be completely vulnerable and guillable for the ISA chiefs to do what they will for temporary accommodation and yet remembering that the same wide eyed people will be blase observer to the life in Manhattan and yawn and say, yeah man, nothing to do here, to the new wide eyed student next year, or actually next semester.




    and well how can u forget trying to remember that right is the right way and left is not! and since i have some more info abt ur end from urself, i would say…enjoy 😀 [me being evil]


  2. @purva..u dont even know 1% of it, iw ill call and vesnt when I ca..i need heeelllp!

  3. Is there really an excuse for not knowing rubber and eraser are different things? 😕

    nice post.

  4. hey… i can understand. still cooking? and do u still have access to ur laptop?

  5. @ deppe: excuses excuses..actually umm let me make it clear I KNEW, this was hypothetical or rather someone british who had this experience!

    @purvau: ahh well thats another story..sob sob, sniff sniff, bawl

  6. hey.. save me. they r trying to teach me that aluminium is pronounced as aluminum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. duh… why are rubber and eraser different things?

  8. i can so relate to this!!!

  9. @ chandni: what stupid gaffe’s did you do ?? we wnat to know more!!

  10. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. I didnt….you know how it is 😦

    but all’s well and we r at work… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  11. man…this article is soo good. all I can say is “Been there, done that” 😛

  12. @manjesh: doing it yet again!!

  13. “”
    that eraser and rubber are not the same thing and you NEVER put your cell phone on “vibrator” you put it in “vibrate” small things.

    One of the first things my sis made sure I was clear of. 🙂

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