waiting, just the waiting for the shoe to drop, for things to become clear
A silence, deep dark, rich, no thoughts to break its calm, placid surface, just that, waiting, hearing every second pass by, feel every breath and mind numb, ready to be struck down to the ground. Just waiting, waiting for life to begin, life to end, love to say goodbye, last meetings, first meetings, idle conversations, isnt that what life is alll about..waiting, for something new, something old, just..something.
Can we ever stop waiting and live with ourselves and our day just the way it is? Not killing time and instead enjoying every minute.

I always think of adam and eve’s existence to be pretty boring, well , nothing to do, everything is pefect, is that why we seek imperfections? So that we have something to work on, something to do.

What do I search for, what am I waiting for, nothing and everything. Waiting for the shoe to drop, him to come to his senses, to go home, to go for a run in the rain, to feel joy again. They will all come, at their own pace , I know, but here I am, waiting.



  1. yeah, life is a wait meant to be. I guess the Law of entropy is valid here as well. Any system will spontaneously move towards a more chaotic one.
    Best if you can live in the moment, easier said than done.
    All the best to you Disha, lemme know when you figure that out. 😀

  2. well leave out hope and desire n you won’t ache or wait for anything….but this is what i guess takes our lives forward….and waiting can be very beautiful at times but only if you are waiting for sth u desire.

    “Can we ever stop waiting and live with ourselves and our day just the way it is?”

    yeah only if we stop clinging to anything which we don’t want to….at times we cling because we we are afraid of what will be next or we will loose what we have already, but i guess by doin that we just loose our most beloved thing i.e our freedom…and ur Q is just calling for freedom, listen to it..

  3. very touching comment rohit.. :p

    and dish…hang in thr!!

  4. @rohit: ejjactly
    @seabiscuit:welcome to the blog and freedom is important but without waiting human aint human too
    @chandni: chandu..welcome back lady!! we misses you..btw last 3 weeks in office…further countdowns coming as expected 😛

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