return of the food

disclaimer: This post ALSO centers around food, so people in offices etc read at your own risk

I am puzzled, very puzzled. Let me explain. There are certain foods I dont like, such as green beans and cabbage, both of which i will probably eat if my mom hasn’t cooked them. I gag at the thought of cabbage. But thats it, I eat everyhting else most of the time any way it is cook I atleast experiment.
I know there is this one thing that a person may hate in their food, like a friend hated potatoes as a child but loved french fries etc., but after coming to the US I realize that there are people who dont like entire food groups!! and advocate getting nutrition from pills rather than eating vegetables or fruit.
Sounds strange to me, because vegetables form an important part of life, so do daals and fruits (none of which my friends here can or will eat), while I can take or leave meat. Is it just the bringing up? or is it the peer factor? or is it just a cultural factor?
I believe it is a mix of all three, you dont like the way something is cooked, you hate it , you never try it again. Friends in school tell you they hate peas/spinach/ start hating it too because it aint cool enough and culturally food is rather meat and potatoes, veggies optional. But now with the increasing availability of foods, why not experiment, enjoy new things etc? but no, I find people will try new cuisines but they don’t mix their veggies that way.
WHat about you, dear gentle reader? What is it that you cannot abide?



  1. Nutrition from pills ? really? whats the world coming to?

    I’m yet to meet a person who likes broccoli.

  2. @ deppe..umm.. i like broccoli :D..not love it admittedly, but yeh its ok..doesnt even taste weird or strong? is it a color issue?

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