ruminations on cars and women

I just brought my car, my life, my happiness, 3 months ago, yesterday it died on me..
I had a couple of news flashes that I wanted to share on the subject:
A. Cars are additcitive, I have had mine for just 2 months and 24 days and I thought I wouldnt be able to function without it even for a day. Ofcourse I survived, but I felt..incomplete, therefore cars are like drugs
B. In the US no mechanic is going to come and look at your car, You have to get it towed, hence the towing cost more than the repair( btw it was just a dead battery, a transplant was done and all is well now)
C. In Manhattan, I have noone to call who I know for sure is going to jump out of bed (this is 8’o clock on a summer morning) when I call and say I have car troubles. This is what shook me..because I am a bit of a loner, generally can’t stand people for long stretches of time! But the whole thought of not having someone I could depend on was unusual. I was driving in India, am an only child, my dad was in a different city. But i never felt this way, I took care of the car over there too, can and have changed tires, oil, coolant etc, but still I never felt that I had noone to turn to, I wouldnt have (just a ego issue), but I liked the feeling of it bieng there, that is what I sorely miss, that and the capacity to get into a ricksha if the damn car doesnt work
D. If I had guessed it was jsut a dead battery, which I did not because I started the car, everything was fine, I turned it off and turned it on and everything died I would have used the jumpstart cables I have….god I feel so dumb!
E. I can still take care of my car by myself, even if it requires needless towing..I can and have done that too
F. Towing in the US is a fun process, good to learn, got a couple of tricks about cars from the guy too!



  1. hmm … the battery’s the first thing you check 😛 you could have called me.

    BTW, this is the new me.

  2. @ ninja: i did i did! but yes people gave me the same smirk ..sigh..

  3. Maybe there’s some invisible text I missed. The title says “cars and WOMEN”??

  4. @ diwaker: eh you fell into the trap, but on another note, aint I a woman? and guys never have the problem of who to call 😀

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