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I try to keep my blog away from the regular world, because sometimes I feel so strongly that I just dont even want to tell people about it. But, I guess I just broke that rule.
The bombay blasts, watched several news reports, read several blogs, made a lot of calls to friends to find out if they were ok. They were, but even the thought is scary.
Whatever the reasons may have been, whatever the thoughts in the minds of those who did it, nothing can justify such as taking of lives…as my friend riju put it “when you hit the locals in Mumbai , you hit where it hurts. And even if you hit somewhere where it doesnt hurt, why hit at all?
What do you prove? That you are brutual and really dont give a shit. Then you dont really deserve whatever it is that you want.
Everytime I think about our politicians, I am lost for words, I wonder what begat those men and women and what motivates them? WHat do they do with cupboards full of money? Dont they ever lose their charm?
I was coming back to the US last year when the floods happened, and I did get a lump in my throat everytime I read how people helped people, because that is what defines mumbai or India for that matter, how many times have you been stranded and nobody stopped to help you? nobody at all? not even the rikshaw wala ? or the truck wala? Katrina cannot happen in India, because we do care enough, at some level we dont differentiate.
Mumbai has bouced back, it always does, the city takes care of its own, it might be the rudest city in the world, but it knows the right thing to do when in trouble. What amazed me is that so many of us condone the fact that the people in charge are not doing anything to help, we all took the attacks for granted. As if it is permissible for those to occur. Are we so jaded by the violence in our world that we cannot imagine a world without it? Americans dont understand it, because they have never seen it and I cannot explain it to them because for me it is a fact of life. That is what I feel sad about, our acceptance of voilence in our world. We may bounce back from tragedy and voilence because we have the fighting spirit, but we need to think in terms of why does it happen rather than fight thorugh the aftermath like the champions we are.
They say Indians can survive and thrive anywhere, because we have the will to. We have the will to fight but unfortunately we also take things lying down for too long.

Llets use this will to make “home” a better place and less cynics like me will desert the country.



  1. yes, the blasts have proved that the one thing that can never die in india is the spirit her people have..rising from the ashes,each time,every time.
    I also wrote a little something on the blasts,explored a different arena though…u might want to read.

  2. yes, the blasts have proved that the one thing that can never die in india is the spirit her people have..rising from the ashes,each time,every time.
    I also wrote a little something on the blasts,explored a different arena though…you might like to read it. 🙂

  3. We go on and on and on about the ‘spirit’. It’s great, to be sure! The roads were packed and till 3 in the morning, there were epople on the roads handing out water, biscuits, milk, pakoras, ANYTHING to passengers stranded in endless traffic jams and diversions.

    But this is probably the onlt city of this size in the world that simply has grown without the infrastructure catching up. We’ve had some 30-odd bomb blasts since ’93. We’ve had floods like never before last year. And THATS when we got a disaster mamagement cell? One that wasn’t working when we needed it the most?

    Our hospitals, out transport system, our roads and our police—- no part of the ‘system’ is equipped to handle a tragedy of these proportions. And eventually, it falls on the citizen to do something. So how much is the spirit something we have and how much is it something that is imposed on us?

  4. hey, i know what you mean about the politics and how seemingly hopeless it seems at times. we come from different countries, but i can so relate to your opinions. in my mind [and heart], it’s a never ending tug-of-war…going back to serve my country (and maybe help it get out of the ditch it is in–no matter how tiny the contribution) vs staying away to pursue a brighter future for my family (where i can work hard, and actually get somewhere). it’s a tough call.

  5. well said! exactly!

  6. @nupur: yeah i know what you mean about the spirit

    @riju: riju, katrina is an example of what people dont do when faced with responsibility, atleast we in india dont do that!

    @amelia: I know, it is a tough decision to make

    @chandni: agreed as ever!

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