random thoughts in my head on monday morning:

6:00 AM: uh..its raining, to run or not..lets not..roll over and back to sleep

6:05 AM: why doesnt this alarm shut off..ohh I have to, roll over again

6:30 AM: its just 6:30, roll over again

7:00 AM: mmm,, 10 more minutes, roll over again

7:30 AM shit!!!, mad scramble

8:00 AM: get in car, drive to work

8:30 AM: hot coffee and no work

8:45 AM: surfing loses its charm

9:00 AM: mmmm…no thoughts

10:00 AM: wasted some time, with this, wasted some of yours too
I always abhored the phrase “kill time” well this is what it is, killing time, massacarring it and getting paid for it, can guilt be worse and life any better? I guess not.

Since you have made the effort to read this, let me leave you with a gem, do you have a ratty old tshirt that your mother/gf/bf/wife/husband just totally hate? I have too many of those, and I just cant let go. What is it about them? The coomfy billion washes, holey tshirt is probably the most comfortable thing to wear specially if it is long anf too big..do you agree? And have you ever done voilence to protect them? Such as leap across the room when your mom is throwing it away/giving it away to the bai with a scream of nahhhhhiiii..thats mine..I have. I confess

Another random thought: today’s blog is over..now what? Panic sets in…



  1. You have (thankfully for you) never met my mother. It seems she works in the dead of night, throwing things away and cleaning cupboards out when the whole world is asleep. You wake up one fine morning to find all your precious things strangely missing, thrown away. Thanks for unblocking all these painful memories that I had so carefully blocked away, hehe.
    And yeah, I knew it was called a memory of light. I just hope he finishes it.

  2. @ cyberswami: hehe, repressed memories eh, do you have some of favorite books that disappeared, just disappeared, no lending involved

  3. Har ghar ki gatha hai yeh, and my mum accuses me of being sloppy!

  4. @disha: where did the read-the-morning-news-freak-out-over-blasts part go?

  5. @disha: sorry, wrong day. Didn’t see the date…

  6. @ diwaker, eh happens..but if you are reading this, I guess you read the latest post

  7. Hey came over from Indira’s blog, and about an old tee, absolutely, I know what you mean! the older and longer they get, the softer and comfy-er they feel! In fact I’d blogged on the exact same thing a while back! 🙂

  8. @ shub..hehe I know…my mom freaks out even over the webcam about them! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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