more food?

When I was in India..gosh this sounds like a “in my time” beginning :)..but still when I was in India, I used to think that cooking is becoming an extinct thing. This, because of the easy avaliability of the more”difficult” to make things like chakli, ghujiya etc. I thought that my generation, the city born one atleast, will never cook to the same level as their grandparents, because clearly their parents dont cook to that level either!
And then I came to the US and realized that it doesnt die, it never does, but is upheld today, not by the housewife but by the graduate student far away from home, who is dying for the gulabjamun or the shrikhand, hence the high number of men and women who suddenly take interest in cooking and start pestering their moms for recipes and miracoulously begin to follow them and even foray into the world of creative cooking involving tofu etc.
Funnily enough, I enjoy the mundane parts of cooking too, like cutting the vegetables. It feels like meditation to me, chop it just this way, slicing through precisely, enjoying the various smells over the cooking process, listening to music as I cook and then ahh food 😀
It all began with a desire to live healthy and a bunch of roommates with cooking turns who hated each others food. It also began with a book called “cooking without recipes” which has inspired me to cook, with recipes or without , just giving me a onfidence that as a gourmand, I probably will come to the correct mix, if not, well its atleast edible 😀
Why? you ask, the sudden food mania? because I dont know why but I am suddenly reading lot of food blogs and going a little woo woo and having a couple of foodie delusions.
Other than that all is well in the world, its hot and the office cold and ofcourse boring .



  1. came across this blog frm some friend
    n im in the same situation as u r, when i was in India i couldnt make an omelette properly and now i can make a proper lunch atleast for me, if not for others.whenever i call mom, she keeps asking wat did i cook that day and i think she’s making a list of them so tht she’ll make me cook all those things whn i go back to india 🙂

  2. @ maverick..hehe mine too..she anyways has srious plans of not cooking..i know I will have to be the performing flea 😀

  3. Yeh T-shirt ki gatha to har ghar ki hai, and mum accuses me of being sloppy! not good… my t-shirt is misshapen now and hias a huge hole under the arm.. which my sister uses to poke me… but i aint givin up on that shirt!

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