food fooood foooooooood

I was thinking about food, well life as would say.
Definately because I think about food ALL the time. I think about food when I am hungry, I think about food when I am not hungry and wonder when will I be hungry. I think about food when I am full to the bursting..which is often..and I think about food when I think about people.
So many things we eat are associated with our memories of people, is food ever just food?
What or who do you remember when you look at a particular food?
Mangoes remind me of hot lazy summer afternoons, spent waiting for the elctricity to come back, playing cards and carrom and Roohafza..gee food leads to food.
Sometimes food is special because you can never tatse that flavor again, and you savor it in your mouth and mind and say ..”waah” I dont think anyone can make it that well, or that I can never forget how that tasted..remember when we were…
I have one of my own remember when, it bears a special pain, the people associated I havent spoken to in years, though I wish I could, it was a time of innocence that probably wouldnt ever come back..hopefully too..nobody should have to live their horrid past over and over.

So do you remember, Mo and Zu when we ate that fried egg and bread thing, with my last Rupees, because I had just lost my wallet on the snow, and you both had already spent all of yours, I can still feel the cold himalayas, the rickety chairs, the hot hot chai and the crisp bread.

What is your soul food? Mine is Maggie. Yeah, nothing elaborate or even home cooked. If I have a cold or fever, all I want is Maggi the uninitiated Maggi is a brand of instant noodles…gimme maggi and I am happy 😀

Some food I have given up, others have been forcefully wrenched, but I dont miss any of those, I miss the people, the smells, the oohhs and ahhs..and o m g I want more of this..this is so yummm and the long discussions about hey, have you tried pohe with ketchup? yuk, who eats pohe with ketchup..I are grosss!

Doesnt food taste so much better in the company of friends and even alone with a perfect book or music. The test of friendship is when you can sit in a park late night and share pizza, and when you can stand infront of a panipoori stall and eat and eat and eat, and when you can spend a billion hours just making pasta, when you make french fries that dont know how to take out of the pan and it becomes a test of geomtry skills, how do I flip it so it lands on that plate yonder. Memories of dhabas eating dal fry and tandoori roti and gabbing, bhutta and soaking wet, rain pouring down, on top of sinhgad with the jhunka-bhaakar, fighting over who gets the last paratha, and ofcourse maaa, i want to eat something, but what, I dont know..something nice, then at that time maybe all I need is all these people. mmm..i am hungry now 😀



  1. hahahha that was funny!! I started thinking about associations and realised how many special memories I have that are related to food!!Enough to make s few posts!! People, yes, and places too….

  2. @ anu: yes anu you are right, i forgot all about the places! 🙂 next post!

  3. Who does *not* eat pohe with ketchup? Its like the best combo _ever_.

  4. poha and ketchup tastes HORRIBLE.

    Its Poha and bhujiya that rules!!

  5. @ diwaker: I rest my case 😀

  6. Clearly some people don’t understand that food combos are not exclusive. Allow me to elaborate:

    o poha + ketchup == battr
    o poha + bhujiya == battr
    o poha + ketchup + bhujiya == very very battr

  7. @ chandni: koi jawab?
    @diwaker: for me its the indori combo: pohe, sev and pyaaz and accompanied by jalebi..aaye haaye!

  8. hey… indori combo mein samosa aur chatni?

    n uni canteen ka bana hua bina tala samosa and the patties…

    chappan ka banjo, aloo petis at vijay chaat house… i am hungry n i even havent had bfast.. me wants poha

    my soul food: tamatar + pyaaj + nimbu + salt + lal mirch + some green mirch…

  9. Damn! now I’m all nostalgic about my own rasagulla-friends and dhaba-gang and puri-chhole trek mates.

  10. @deppe: ahh well, I had a dhaba gang too and people who would bet how many rasgullas they can eat, I feel your pain 😀

  11. You almost sound like a person talking about Zen meditation when you talk about cooking. Remember Saif Ali Khan in Salam namaste. He took to cooking instead of architechture as a profession. Maybe you could pursue that – Make your passion your profession

  12. Ah!!! You’ve made me so nostalgic…I’ve to blogroll you!! 😀

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